A Fair In Ohio

 We took another road trip on Saturday to Ohio.  What a beautiful state!

 If someone just plopped you down in one of these towns, you would think you were in New England.

 Lots of these towns were settled by New England pioneers who tried to replicate what they left behind.

 Beautiful architecture in bucolic settings.  Too bad you really can't see it since I am flying down the roads with a camera in one hand taking very blurry photos.  My kids sit in the car with their hearts in their throats!

 As we entered the festival we saw this cute little miniature village.

 Carriage rides were offered to help you get around.

 Check out this guys hat.  The Blog Tech bought some of his wares.

Fall was out in full force.

 I loved these birdhouses but they weren't too practical being so close to the ground.  Birds are smarter than that.

 This woman turned all sorts of vintage things into Fall decorations.

 Oh the brooms....I stood there a long time talking myself out of buying one.  I really wanted the big one in the middle.

 This lady has been manning her booth a very long time....her little cat too.

 Decorated gourds.

 A cute gourd scarecrow.

 It's hard to see but the bottom rug had some glitter fiber woven into it.  Perfect for Halloween.  I really should have bought it.

 Vintage signs. 

 A take on "labor chairs".  (Chairs women used to ease labor pains.)

 So, you get the idea....lot's of Fall/Halloween.  Some good, a lot, not.

 You have to kiss a lot of frogs at these shows to find a prince.

 But oh my, do I ever love these.  Fire domes made of steel.

 My husband doesn't know it yet but one of these is in our future.  I just have to find the right spot. They are magical at night with a fire burning inside.

More tomorrow;  I am still sorting through pics.


Christer. said…
I do like rugs like that and those Fire domes are just soo cool! Never seen anything like them over here!

Great trip!

Have a great day!

Bee Haven Bev said…
Oh, how I love Fall festivals!! If I had been there, I might have had to have one of those fire domes! They are the most unusual I have ever seen. You definitely need one!!
Teacats said…
The Fire domes are wonderful! Have seen them on Amazon too! But so much better when crafted by local artisans!

Best song (and album) for outdoor fire - Fires At Midnight by Blackmore's Night. Wonderful music and albums from Richie Blackmore and his wife Candice. He played with Deep Purple - many moons ago! I have so many of Blackmore's Night albums!

Love the brooms!

cheers! Jan at rosemary Cottage
Guillaume said…
Great pictures as usual and do lovely to see signs of Halloween.
Megs said…
I love all these fairs!
Rain said…
Oh gosh those fire domes are really awesome! I can imagine how they look at night all fired up. The fair looks like so much fun, I love all of the fall decor!