Happy 2nd Birthday Winnie

Today is Winnie's 2nd birthday!  It seems like she has been here forever.   This is the first pic we ever saw of her.

This is the pic that made me fall in love.

 Here she is in the hotel on the way home.

 Those were idyllic days for the WinWin!

 She was growing fast but could still stick her head through the rungs on my daughter's stairs. Not anymore!

 She kept he black schnozzle for a long time and we were so sad to see it disappear.

One day we told her she was getting a brother.  She did not approve.

It took about a month but she finally accepted Willie into the pack.

 They soon became best friends.

 Now they are inseparable.

 I miss how cute they were as babies.

 But they will forever be babies to me.

And Winnie will forever be my girl!  Happy, Happy B-Day WinWin!!!


Happy Birthday, Winnie! All grown up now!
Marcia said…
She is very cute.
I forgot how tiny she was in the beginning.
Susan said…
I cannot believe it's been two years! Happy Birthday, pretty fluffy girl!
Rain said…
What a sweetie! Happy birthday little girl!!! xx
Megs said…
Happy Birthday, Win! I bet mommy made you treats!
LEfting said…
Happy Birthday, Winnie! We had a Winnie too...she was a toy poodle so her name was Winnie the Poohdle...
Hope your Winnie has a great birthday, I am sure she will!!
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday Winnie! She does look like a cuddly teddy bear.
Bee Haven Bev said…
They are both beautiful and it has been so much fun following their antics!