Last Weekend's Trip

After last week's festival, we visited a few of our favorite places.  We were surrounded by fields of sunflowers.  (click to enlarge)  You can pick your own in many of these fields.

We drove by Lake Erie.  That's it out there.....I'm still taking pics while I drive.

We stopped at the altar of sacred sausage....Raddell's.

They sell what might be the world's best smoked sausage! Sorry no pics....we were stuffing our mouths!

Next we drove to The West Side Market.

The W's only wish!


This is the place to buy weird meat parts that I love to cook with.

Look at the size of the steaks in the middle.

They don't just sell meat.  They sell baked goods too.

Sometimes they mix meat with their baking.  These apple fritters are maple/bacon.

What would you buy?

One booth sells British food.  This is where I was inspired to learn how to make traditional British favorites.

 We stopped at a new place suggested by my DIL.  This is a Salvadorian pupuseria restaurant with incredible food.  We ate papusas, fried yucca and drank warm tomato soup out of a cup.  It wasn't until later that we found out that it was salsa.  Oh well, what can I say....we are the worst kind of foodies!  I will be making this food very soon.

We made one last stop before heading home and it was my daughter's favorite bakery.  We bought a huge chocolate chip Rice Krispy bar.

 A dozen macarons.

 Fruity Pebble bars anyone?

 Or maybe a Twix bar?

We came home with this Halloween cake topped with a ghost Choir. It was a helluva fun trip!


So much good food! And that adorable Halloween ghost cake!
Megs said…
You are the best foodies- you’ll try anything, and you can recreate it, make it better!
Jan said…
I love Salvadorian food. When we travel to Atlanta to see our grandkids its the one thing I always want. I love the papusas, They make the best, with all the different fillings, it's always hard to decide. The restaurant also has some of the best pastries. That Halloween cake looks amazing.
Susan said…
Just the mention of the West Side Market makes me want to cry in my soup. I miss it so much. You all sure know how to have fun!
Christer. said…
What would I buy? Well I guess as much as I could before I ran out of money :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Everything looks so delicious and I LOVE that cake!
Felicia said…
I gotta say, The Cake at the end, “Takes the Cake!!!” I would love to see your interpretation of such a masterpiece! Please keep the wonderful Pictures coming, your site is such eye candy for me!
Rain said…
Oh I love that cake!!! I think if I saw all of those goodies, the apple fritters would be my choice!!