Witch Brooms

 If my affinity for brooms makes me a witch, then so be it!

 I am the Jay Leno of broom collectors. (he collects cars)

 I am drawn to them whenever I see them.

I can rarely resist buying a new one.

 You can find them all over my house.

 I give brooms to others too.  Who doesn't need a nice broom?

 I've always wanted to take a class in broom making.

 I have old brooms.

 And new brooms.  This is a 'turkey tail' hearth broom.

 I have colorful brooms.

 I even have broom jewelry. These are antique gold broom pins.

 This is an ivory broom needle holder from the 1800's.

 I especially like brooms with unique handles.

This is one of my favorites.

My chalkboard in the guest house has broom's drawn on it. I am off to one of my favorite festivals this morning.  Maybe I will find a new broom!


Christer. said…
I do like brooms and especially the turkey tail one is cool.
Hard to find good looking ones here though and if one do dogs can tear them apart fast if they so wish :-) :-)

Have a great trip!

I visited a wonderful witchy broom store last month on Granville Island in Vancouver. I love that you collect them! I only have one -- a plaited cobweb broom that I bought about 30 years ago. Its corn straw is getting pretty yellow and brittle with age now but I suppose that just increases its power!
Rain said…
That turkey tail broom is gorgeous! You have such a nice collection Joyce!
Guillaume said…
What is a witch without her broom?

Love the pictures, as usual.
I have never known anyone who collected brooms. You have quite a few unique brooms.