An Apple Butter Stirring Festival

 The W's are getting so much better in the car.  No one threw up though I could tell that Winnie was car sick.

 They were happy to arrive and explore a new area.

 This little village is full of historic houses.

 Amish gourd people.

 Deadly festival food.

 An artist at work.

 Such a cute, quaint place.

 And Ziggy showed up which made The W's very happy.

 Glass pumpkins.

 Weird paper hats.

 Wooden utensils.

 Ziggy went shopping.


 The pups think they are the official greeters at every festival.

 Everything in this booth was made with beeswax.

 And apple butter of course.

 Carnival corn.

 The W's had to take a few breaks.  They were very excited.  Their bows were drooping.  Festival are tough work.

 The village spinners.

 The village holds a scarecrow contest too.

 You can have your silhouette done.

 And here they come.  Rested up and ready for more petting.


 One of the apple butter stirrers.

 Wonderful dulcimer music added to the mood.

 Sadly, we are running out of festivals for this year.  We might find one or two more but that is it until maple season!


Leanna said…
David saw a poster when we went to Trade Days downtown at the park. He still wants to get it. It said a fisherman lives here with the catch of his life. He really loved that one. Poor Winnie, Lucy was like that when we would go on car trips down to the coast. But now she looks out the front window by sticking her head between the front seats. It works the same way with seasickness. Go to the front of the boat and you won't get sick.
BTW, the paper hats are for covering foil. It's basically a Trumpanzee hat.
Rain said…
Aw...the W's look so cute in their bows! I remember a scarecrow contest when I lived on P.E.I., it was so much fun!
Christer. said…
As always lots of things I like but especially the last photo showing those signs.

Have a great day!

winnie and willie are the perfect greeters. love the snowmen and apple butter. a dear old friend of mine played the dulcimer. this post reminded me of him and the festivals he played at. glad you had fun.
Guillaume said…
I had mulled cider this weekend. Love apple products in autumn.