Autumn in the Country

 I know I'm redundant but as I said the other day, I am trying to enjoy as much of my favorite season as possible.  So, I spent most of my weekend in the countryside once again.

 It is just so beautiful out there right now and I can't get enough of it.

 I never get tired of driving past country homes and seeing the animals peacefully grazing. I am always impressed that people in the middle of nowhere take the time to decorate their homes for Fall.

 Some get a little carried away!  We were wondering how the mailman likes this?

 The leaves are changing but so very slowly this year.  Even in my own gardens the trees are still mostly green.

 The fields look beautiful covered for winter in their tan blankets.

 Every once in a while we would drive by some glorious trees.

 The farms look like still life paintings. 

 This blew me away.  Someone created these two using heavy duty garbage bags.

These homes look like they were meant to be decorated for Fall .

 And if you get lucky on one of these trips, you might come upon one of these.

We did some serious pumpkin lifting.  These pumpkins were huge!

 Some of the fields have been planted in winter wheat and it is just beginning to grow.

 If you look closely you will see that this house's path is lined in witch's brooms. (click any photo for a closer look)

 These are the types of towns where no one locks their doors.

 Small town America.

 And very often, Trump voters.  When people wonder how someone could possibly vote for that bloated orange wanker, this is why some of them do it.  He has promised them that their lifestyle will remain the same if he is in charge. They fear that if he is not president, people will pour over the borders and become their neighbors.  But I digress.

 Sorry, it doesn't take much to get me going these days.

 So, back to the peaceful countryside.

 Ahhhh...that's better.

 Maybe it's because I live in the city but I find these trips to be very Zen-like.

 In the midst of all of this, we went to a wonderful Fall festival.

 I will post pics after I have sorted through all of them.

 At the festival, we ran into this handsome devil!  Hi Blog Tech!!!

 I told his wife that we might have to make him move back home.  We need him to do Willie lifting.

Lifting Wilford is like lifting a ton of bricks.  He is one stocky little dude.

Back tomorrow with festival pics!


looks like a lovely ride in the country. glad you had a great day. willie is too cute.
Leanna said…
Rides like that always make me tired. I guess because there is so much to see it can cause sensory overload. The puppies have gotten big. All the good tasting nutritious food is why.
Rain said…
Willie is totally enjoying the lift lol! The countryside is so beautiful! I haven't seen ONE decorated house around here - not for Halloween or for Fall!
Guillaume said…
45 for a pumpkin? That's a bargain! especially of that size. I'd lock my door if I lived there, if only because you never know what kind of spooky creature might come lurking. Okay, I think as if it was a horror story setting.
Valerie said…
I am missing the brilliant fall colors here in the South, but am enjoying a different kind of fall nevertheless. I'm decorating, and I live in the boonies. It's a celebration! Thanks for sharing!