The W's Go To an Apple Festival

 We loaded the pups into the car last Saturday and drove up to the mountains to go to an apple festival.  Winnie is getting really good about going places in the car now.  Wils,  not so much.

 But he is getting better now that he equates car rides with Egg McMuffins and pierogies.

 He will do anything for food which makes him easy to train.

 Now that we have Fall weather, we will take them somewhere each weekend so they settle in to a travel routine.

 The town we drove to was decked out for Fall.

 And Halloween too!

 A Countdown to Halloween witch hat.


 I was jonesing for this cool little ride.

 This was a vodka boutique!  They had unique flavors and great custom labeling.

 I'm not sure why, but people that live in these small towns seem to believe in aliens.  This woman knitted an alien and it's ship abducting something.  I couldn't quite make out what was being lifted into the ship.

 Xmas was on display too.

Some of my people were there.

 There was a 5K race.


 These girls were selling cookies.

I bought knotweed honey from this apiarist.

Chicken people with a sense of humor.

 The W's had the time of their lives.  These two could not be friendlier.  They think their job is to go out and get petted by strangers.

 They met some new friends.

 Taffy and caramel apples, of course!

 Smoked turkey legs are always a hit at these fairs.

 We did a lot of this all day long.

 Check out this little girl.  She was shaking like a rattle when this guy introduced her to the W's. 

 Then this guy brought his new pup to meet Willie and Ziggy.

 (Click to enlarge)  If this isn't the look of shear terror I don't know what is.

 This little girl saw the pups from far away and made a bee line for them.

 They are bigger than she is but she was fearless.

 It was cold in the mountains but apparently this guy didn't think so. Check out the guy on the left.

 Another one of my people.

 I need one of these.

 You could throw axes if so inclined.

The pups might have been petted out.  They started dragging so it was time to go back to the car.

 The Blog Tech helped with the lifting.

 Willie goes limp when it is time to get in the car.  He weighs around 80 pounds now so he is quite a load.

 Too bad The Blog Tech is not always around.

The moment Willie was in the car, he passed out and slept the entire way home.  It was a big day for my little kids.


Looks like so much fun! Love those egg cartons, especially "my pets poop breakfast!"
bobbie said…
I kind of partial to the "Farm fresh butt nuggets'!!!
StrictlyMystic said…
I also have Gator envy. There are so many things I could use it for around the house...or even just riding around the yard like a wannabe Evil Knievel. Your adventures at the Fall festivals are inspiring me to go out and hunt down some pumpkins of my own!
Christer. said…
It must have been so fun!

I do like that UFO abducting what ever it now was :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Gosh you do make such great Halloween centered festivals! Because there is a lot of Halloween stuff there. It is true that apples and Samhain go well together.
the w's look great being out and about. sounds like a fun day. love all the decorations.
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Rain said…
Oh they are so cute!!! And that little dog's "terror" face, made me laugh, poor thing lol! Dogs are the best. I would also do anything for an egg mcmuffin!!! :)
chickpea678 said…
That fair looks like it was so much fun! And that scared pup’s face made me laugh out loud. How lucky that your pups enjoy people!!!