Who You Gonna Call?

 We heard about a restaurant in a small town that decorated their entire building like a scene from Ghostbusters and had to drive to see it.  We took off early on Saturday morning and did just that!

 We were not disappointed.  This is really something to see in person.  Apparently at night it is totally lighted.

 I guess they really like Halloween!

 Saw this and thought it was funny.

 We stopped by a farm market while we were there and saw the cutest serving pieces for Thanksgiving.

 Dark or light meat?

 Don't I know it!

 The serving pieces are cute too.

 Kitchen towels.

 They had lots of Halloween decorations too.

 The witch is reading:  How To Overcome The Fear of Flying.

 My kids loved this song when they were babies.

 And look, they have found a way to make these Jack O'Lanterns smoke without using dry ice.

 A great way to decorate your fountain after you shut it down for the season.

And lastly, do you have dog windows in your fence?


chickpea678 said…
Cute farm market and wares! Fun restaurant!!!
bobbie said…
How fun!!! Especially the store ~
Leanna said…
I would have died and gone to heaven in that market.
What a fun day out! Love the restaurant! Love the shopping!
Christer. said…
Cool restaurant and it must have been so fun to walk around in that market!

Have a great day!

rachel said…
It was great to drive down the road and see those gigantic tentacles coming out the windows. Didn’t get a chance to stop, though. Maybe another time.
Guillaume said…
I love all the pictures, as usual. Funny, I don't think about Ghostbusters looking at the first one, but about the Cthulhu Mytho (see my own post today).
Rain said…
That restaurant is a hoot! I'm still scared of the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man lol...Oh the market, wow...how could you even leave? I'm sure you brought lots of fun stuff back home! I love the idea of dog windows in the fence!!! That's going on the future to do list!!