Caramel Apple Pie

Today is my Polish dinner.  The pierogies are stuffed, the golumpki's are rolled, halushki is warming in the slow cooker, the chalka is rising and I am about to make mizeria and pyzy.  We aren't doing low carb today.  My daughter baked a cake and I made an apple pie.  It's not Polish but I think if Pole's made pies, they would be apple.

 This caramel apple pie is a bit unusual.  First, you pack the apples into the pie dough.

 Then add a lattice top.

 Then you make the caramel. 

Melt 2 sticks of butter in a pan over medium heat.  Add 6 T. of flour and whisk it until it is smooth.  Whisk in 1/2 C. water (I use apple cider), 1 C. white sugar and 1 C. brown sugar.   Cook this until it starts to bubble around the edges and then set it aside to cool.  I make this before I start the pie so it can come to room temperature as I am assembling everything.

 Drizzle the room temp syrup into all of the holes in the lattice.  I sit my pies on foil which I spray with cooking spray.  I also spray the inside and outside of the pie plate too.

 This pie bakes at 425 degrees for the first 15 minutes, then turn the oven down to 350 degrees and bake at least an hour.

 Since the foil and the pan was sprayed, it lifts right off of the foil even though all of this has boiled over.

 I immediately sit my hot pies on a damp towel and gently turn them back and forth to clean the bottom.

 You now have a clean pie pan that won't stick to your table.

If you click to enlarge this pic, you will see bubbles in the pie juice.  That is how you know your pie is done.

Then I made a batch of caramel sauce to pour over each slice just to make it even more decadent.


OMG everyone at your Polish dinner party will end up in a food coma! A wonderful food coma.
Christer. said…
That pie would probably give me a heart attach but it would so be worth it :-) :-)

Have a great dinner!

Leanna said…
OMG! Comfort food times 10. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love it when you cook Polish. You cook just like my great-grandmother in Maryland used to cook, bless her Polish-German heart. That apple caramel pie IS decadent. I love it!
A few questions. Do you have a recipe for flaky pie dough and did you use it for this pie? Also, what apples did you use for this pie? Could you email me at
I am quite sure that my blood sugar is rising as I read. That pie is a gem.
Guillaume said…
That is one apple pie I am eager to try. The caramel is the one addition to the recipe that would make me crave apple pies.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i just use a pate' brissee and i used a combination of honey crisp and roma apples.
that pie looks scrumptious. yum. yum.
Kay said…
Oh gosh! I love apple pie and this looks amazing!