Thanksgiving Prep

 My Thanksgiving prep officially starts this weekend.  I'm have 25 people this year. 

 I was perusing recipes getting excited about trying some new ones this year.  Then requests started coming in for the same old stuff I always make.

 Everyone has their favorites and since they only get them once a year, that is what they want.  I think I could make this dinner blindfolded.

 The most difficult part of my Thanksgiving dinner is making room for everyone to fit at the table.

 We have quite an eclectic group coming this year which will make for a very fun dinner.

What are your plans and what is your favorite Thanksgiving food?


love the oyster stuffing and pumpkin pie. laughed at the proper way to eat the pie. that's how my husband does it. also liked the bit about our first Thanksgiving. so appropriate
Leanna said…
The proper way to eat pumpkin pie, yeah, that's how I eat it. Oh, but with a cherry on top. I hope your thanksgiving turns out to be legendary as I wish mine could.
Karen said…
Sausage stuffing and great gravy is the most favorite. The it reheated in the morning with left over pumpkin pie. I like canned cranberry sauce with it. It’s all about the food.
I just made golumbki last week. I make mine with all port and in a tomato sauce. Don’t use toothpicks.....learn how to stuff in the ends to make a beautiful bundle. I will try your recipe in a week or so. A little different with the beef gravy. Love many of your recipes. My go to place for something new!
Tradition rules for Thanksgiving dinner! I can't blame people for craving their favourite dishes of yours!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i use toothpicks in these because of browning them in the pot. they don't get packed tight like the ones baked in tomato sauce. i tuck the ends in on those.
Christer. said…
Thanksgivig isn't celebrated over here and perhaps that's a good thing because we hace enough holidays that will bring out the worst in our families as it is anyway :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I never celebrated Thanksgiving in November, being a Quebecker. But my favourite Thanksgiving food? Tourtière! Okay so it is not Thanksgiving food specifically, but I had it more than once at the Canadian Thanksgiving.
Joyce F said…
My husband would agree that that is the proper way to eat pumpkin pie! He's never cut pie like that but has been known to take a piece of cake out of the middle!

Hoping to do a non traditional dinner when our family gets together the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Appetizers, soups and desserts. Most of them will have the big meal on Thursday and nobody needs two of those in one week.
Cottage Tails said…
brought the turkey last week. $85
Valerie said…
Just started cooking the fresh pumpkins to make pie (I freeze the pulp in 2-cup portions). Yes, we always cook the old favorites, but we try to add something new each year.