The Week After

I found a few pics of some of my Thanksgiving food and thought I'd post them. 

I am up to my eyeballs in Xmas decorating and prep and I have nothing to show for any of it yet.

This is the shortest time between Thanksgiving and Xmas since 2013.

I liked having Thanksgiving so late but I am paying for it now.

All of these desserts are long gone!

My coffers are bare.

This is the emptiest I can remember my refrigerators ever being.

I went through over 25 lbs. of butter and 15-20 dozen eggs in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  Today, I am heading out to the country to replenish.  It's time to start baking for Xmas.


sounds like you have alot of work ahead of you. christmas will be here before you know it.
Rain said…
The food looks yummy! My coffers are overflowing this week! They should all be bare in mid January! Lots of Christmas prep to do over here too! But then, I only cook for 2 humans and 6 furballs! :)
Leanna said…
I've stocked up cookie and bread dough in the freezer. I have lots of baking to do but my body says "oh hell no"!!
Be strong, Joyce! You can do it!
Christer. said…
Everything looks just as delicious as it always do :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
It all looks so delicious.
Carol said…
How you and your family are so slim is a mystery to me. Your generosity in giving goodie bags to your guests makes me wish I were one of them! I did get a turkey carcass but I am trying to eat low carb and sugar. I feel I am looking through your window, drooling.