Mini Winnie

 I was reminiscing about Winnie as a baby.  This pic was taken the day we got her.

What a cutie!

 Remember when she used to crawl under my glass coffee table?

 I never wanted her black schnozzle to fade.

The perfect princess.

I don't think her head would fit through my daughter's spindles anymore.

 She loved her Blog Tech from day one and still does.

Even though The Blog Tech can be naughty sometimes.

This was her first day of school.  The Blog Tech took her to meet my friend's 3rd grade class.

We sure love our Winnie girl!


so very sweet. it's nice to see her as a puppy again. a bundle of love.
Yay Winnie! And what the hell, yay Blog Tech too!
bobbie said…
She was and is such a cutie!!!
Leanna said…
It's so sad and yet funny remembering our little fur babies. I have a load of pictures of Spunky and Lucy and our late little girl Pebbles. I still miss her. But thinking about our fur babies and how tiny they were is fun when you have the pictures to prove it.
Christer. said…
She has always been the cutest :-)

Have a great day!

Rain said…
I remember when she was under the glass table, I thought it was so cute and funny!