Planning for Valentine's Day

 I still have a couple of weeks before I start my Valentine's Day baking but I'm planning it out now.  I was looking through past years to see what I've made and get some ideas.  I think it was last year that I made these chocolate brownie cups filled with peppermint frosting.

 These are strawberry pillow cookies.  I like to make up cookie platters and give them to all of my friends. A lot of them are single and don't even expect anything for Valentine's Day unless I give them something.  I've made all of these old ladies look forward to Valentine's Day like they did when they were young!

 I give a lot of the trays to my younger friends too.  They really look forward to their Valentine's treats and can't wait to see what I've made for them each year.

 I hate chocolate and rarely bake with it but I make an exception for this holiday.  Chocolate and Valentine's Day are one.

 I was rather surprised to see the assortment of things I have baked over the years.

 One year I made strawberry marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

 Last year my daughter made these gorgeous cutout cookies.  She has much more patience than I do!

I even made potivica's one year.  I'm leaning in the direction of making kringles since I didn't make them for Xmas. And certainly a bunch of cookies. What are your favorite Valentine's treats?


Susan said…
Really dark chocolate and champagne or rose. Of course, those are my favorite treats any month or day of the year! Your friends are very lucky and you are very thoughtful.
Rain said…
Are those chocolate brownies? I think those look great! Well, everything does!! For us, it's usually fondue for dinner (go figure huh lol?)...then something chocolate for dessert. I haven't even thought about Valentine's yet! I have to get thinking though!!
Christer. said…
It all look so delicious and I'm pretty sure they taste even better than I can imagine :-)

Have a great day!

I always make heart-shaped blueberry pancakes for My Rare One on Valentines Day. It's our tradition.
Leanna said…
I love how you decorate your baked goods. I get most of my ideas from your blog. Oh yes, I remember those very elaborately decorated cookies your daughter made. She is so talented. I always make David's favorite chocolate chip raisin cookie. This year I'm going to make him a dozen cowboy cookies and two dozen of them for Anna and her husband John. He says my cookies are so much better than his mom's. He likes soft and chewy cookies. I'm also making brownies with vanilla pink icing. So much to do.
bobbie said…
I like champagne ~ I don't have a sweet tooth, so I don't care for chocolate.
This old lady would love a Valentine treat from anyone! Yours look spectacular! I love chocolate, so glad to know you will not be eating all of mine.
Guillaume said…
I don't like Valentine's Day. When you are single it is depressing, when you are in a relationship it is stressful. That said, I'd love to be able to offer what you cooked, especially the brownie cups.
Linda M said…
Oh my goodness! I'm almost 70 - can I be one of your old ladies? Your cookies look delicious!
Teacats said…
Shortbread hearts with raspberry jam in the middle!

Also - favorite treats - Jaffa Cakes (orange and chocolate sponge) and Eccles Cakes (raisins), Nanaimo bars and butter tarts!!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage
Laura said…
I've never liked valentines day, but I can see why your friends would love it. You're a sweetie.

ps...hugs to the pups!