Winifred and Wilford

 The W's haven't appeared on the blog in quite a while.

 Though they are the most present things in our lives.

 The days revolve around these two characters.

 I took these pics in the wee hours of the morning and they were not quite awake yet.

 Willie is waiting for my husband to take them on their first walk of the day.

 Winnie waits on the steps.  She knows he is upstairs and she is impatient.  She is there to urge him to move a bit faster.

 On these dark days, I light them up like walking Xmas trees.

 I want them to be easily seen as they walk the dark city streets.

Here they are, ready to go.  They will be bundles of energy by the time they return home.  Then, after playing for a while, it will be nap time.  It's a tough life!


Smart move with the lighted collars!
Leanna said…
Very smart lighting them up. When David used to walk with Spunky I would put two red lights on his collar and David wore a light vest. I could see them through the fog so well in the mornings. Now it's Lucy that wears the lights. We love our husbands and puppies. Tough life indeed.
Lighting them up is important.
Guillaume said…
Wait until you have grandchildren...
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your two pups are so sweet. i don't know how you get through the day without cuddling them every second. they love their routine and happily look forward to it each day. there's a lesson to be learned there. enjoy them. the lighted collars are a wonderful idea, for sure.
Rain said…
Tough life indeed! LOL...they are so cute. Jack does the same thing, waits at the top of the stairs for Alex to wake up!