An Enchanted Woodland Wedding

 We are deep in wedding planning already.   There is so much to do.  Though we are still in the early stages, we have decided on a woodland wedding. We have shifted from pumpkins and sunflowers to moss and ferns.  Though, you can count on seeing pumpkins too.

 I have so many ideas that my head is spinning.  There are many projects on my horizon.

The possibilities are endless.

 Nothing has ever felt quite so right as my daughter getting married in the woods.  Thank the goddess she wants this because it is also my dream come true!

 All of our friends and family are extremely excited.  Everyone from out of town has already booked lodging.

 There are so many details to work out.  Most obviously, the weather.  We are preparing for good weather but will happily accept whatever Mother Nature sends us.  We love rain!

 The first thing we must do is lock in the date.  Some people I have contacted are already booked.

This is the first time I can remember not wanting Spring and Summer to pass by swiftly.  I need time!

 We need to plan the cake.

 The pumpkin cake I showed when the engagement was announced has been cast aside. We now need to design a cake which fairies and gnomes would love to to nibble on.

 It is very exciting to work with this theme.

And what kind of food fits this kind of celebration?

 We will keep that a secret for now but I know it will be fun.

I might have the W's catch a few of these so we can dress them up.  Stay tuned for this unique adventure.


It will be the social event of the season!
FreeDragon said…
I saw a blog post (don't ask me where, I don't remember) about a woman whose boyfriend had never seen The Lord of the Rings. They had a movie marathon and she cooked all the food in the movies. I can't think of anything more woodsy than that. Good luck planning and congratulations!
Marcia said…
You are in your element with this planning. I know it will be a very wonderful event, and the talk of years to come.
aBell said…
Enchanting! Just what a wedding should be. Enjoy it all.
Susan said…
If anyone can pull this off in a spectacular way, it is you. I can't wait for the details!
bobbie said…
It sounds as though it will be wonderful!! You'll do a fantastic job, I'm sure!
Cottage Tails said…
your creative juices are going to have soo much fun
Kay said…
Oh wow! This is going to be totally original and amazing, especially with your planning and culinary expertise. I can’t wait to see all the photos!
Guillaume said…
That is a great time to have a wedding! Or to have a child.
Rain said…
I think a Woodland Wedding is such a great idea, I can imagine how magical you will make it!
chickpea678 said…
Oh! This looks amaaazing. Lol about the W’s catching some squirrels to dress up!