Korentovanje Festival part 2

 Men in black hats and women in traditional dress represented typical Slovenian couples.

 Everyone in the neighborhood participates. 

 These kids are from the local school.

The play music and dance and have a wonderful time.


 The pretty and the ugly.

 A lot of effort went into this guys outfit.  Click for a closer look on any pic.

 This was my most favorite part.  The local rescue shelter had all of their adoptees in the parade.

 They carried signs with the dogs names.

 The dogs all looked so excited to be involved in the celebration.

 I hope some of them were adopted.

 One can never have enough accordion music.  Well, I guess one actually can unless you happen to be Polish.

 This little girl was so excited to be passing out candy.

 The Austrians threw in their support.

 Parades are such strange things.  People stand in line to watch and cheer other people walking.  Somehow it ends up being fun.  This parade offers so much to look at but remember, The Blog Tech and I went to the Duck Tape parade a few years ago.  We've seen them all and some are not quite as exciting as this one.

 See those switches in his hand?  Much like Knechte Ruprecht, he finds little children that have been bad and smacks them on the butt.

 He has really big bells.

 I tried to get beads from this one but all I got was a really creepy leathery handshake.

 They are multiplying.

 Here come the candy throwers. 

 These kids were having a blast throwing candy too.

 And here come the walking heads.

 Dancing heads actually.

 I still haven't been able to find info on what they signify.

 The heads are fabulous and very detailed.

 The king and queen.

 And their court.

 And the kurents bring up the rear of the parade.

 I wish I had a video.

 Since Winter never showed up this year, the noise from the kurents should guarantee to keep it at bay until Spring arrives.

 We wait anxiously for this festival each year and I must say it is a lot better when there is snow on the ground or when there is an actual storm.

 Maybe next year.

 These two were enjoying the parade. 

The moment the parade ended, all of the visitors descended on the Slovenian Hall.

The band played, crafts were for sale and Slovenian food was available for all. We always leave right after the parade but apparently, this is just the beginning of a very long day.


Parades can be a lot of fun and this looks like a great one! Very colourful and unique. However, I'm glad you mentioned those were YAKS. I might not have been able to figure that out on my own.

(On a side note, glad to hear you're enjoying "Gentleman Jack"! There's going to be a second season next year too!)
Leanna said…
I love these kinds of parades. Especially when they end with food and dancing.
Guillaume said…
These kurents. Love how exquisitely creepy they are.
casue said…
was the post quoting Ron Howard authentic?
wow what a wonderful parade. love all the participants. their costumes are wonderful. i bet the food is delicious. and the crafts must be beautiful.