The Parade

I promise no more Korentovanje after this.  But for those of you that might want to see it, here are some videos of the parade.


I watched them all, just to hear the sounds of the parade. The clanging of the bells! The crack of the whip! The oom-pah-pah band in the background! Those yaks had some pretty good moves too.
I do like to see parades, we almost never have any over here. Good thing those costumes are warm because it did look very chilly evenb if the sun shone :-)

Snowstorm over here today and the snow will stay for at least the rest of the week.

Have a great day!

Susan said…
I don't think there can be too many photos/videos of this amazing parade!
it's fascinating. love it all.
Guillaume said…
Iwill try to watch it when I can. Really love these critters.