Quarantine Day #19 and a Spring Birthday

 The W's sure are enjoying the Spring weather.  They do not understand why no one but my husband and I can see them or pet them.

 They are getting a bit shaggy around the edges since they are missing their grooming.

 Willie passes the time with his favorite hobby....sleeping.

Winnie perches on her bench looking for bad kitties.

 Mother Nature moves forward, there is no quarantining her.

 Today is my daughter's birthday and none of us can see her.  But we are better off than a lot of people out there.  I feel so sorry for people that are in the hospital and can't see their loved ones.

 Meanwhile, I cook on.  I am now making food deliveries. I made my daughter in law some pao de queijo. I drop things off on their porches but this is as close as we get to a visit.  We can wave from behind windows.

 And everyone gets hot dogs and homemade buns today.

I'm whipping up some other birthday treats and we will all enjoy a birthday dinner, just in three different locations.  Happy birthday my wonderful daughter.  Maybe next year we can all celebrate together.


Marcia said…
I suppose wedding plans are on hold too.
DVArtist said…
Wow the bread looks wonderful. We are all doing what we can or need, to get through this.
Happy Birthday to your daughter -- this is one for the memory book!
Mary said…
We just have to make the most of this situation and adapt. Plans and trips are cancelled, then start to plan for next year. All hopefully be back to normal then if we all follow the guidelines and that means all of us.
Marcia LaRue said…
Can you all try to hook up via one of the video chat apps? That could end up being a pretty fun party after all!!
Cottage Tails said…
That is tough not being with family for birthday. Pleased you can wave behind windows. Winnie looks rather regal on her spot
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday to your daughter! I'm getting shaggy too here. Here it is cold and nasty, it feels like Spring knows we should be quarantined.