Quarantine Day # 20 Birthday Food

I baked a small cake for my daughter and her fiance' to enjoy yesterday on her birthday.  We dropped it off on her porch and she opened the door to get it after we left. Welcome to The World 2020.  It came out a bit wonky and no, she isn't 2 years old. I had no candles so Winnie offered up the one from her second birthday.

 It was a vanilla/white cake with raspberry buttercream frosting.

 And in a blast from the past...look what I used to decorate it!

 You have to be at least over 60 years old to remember these, right?

Locked and loaded.  Life before plastic decorating bags.

 I also surprised her with cinnamon pop tarts.

 My kids always loved pop tarts when they were small though I never understood why.  Once I started making my own, they really loved them.

 I made her all of her favorites.  I made pita, hummus, grape leaves, hot dogs on homemade buns and mac and cheese.  The Blog Tech and his wife got a drop off too.  Comfort birthday food for scary times in a scary world. 

I was so happy that her fiance' was off for her special day.  He is one of the ones still working to provide food for people during these uncertain days.  It's very scary to have him out there and not quarantined.


Yes, I remember seeing those metal cake decorators! Haven't thought of them in years! Your pop tarts look a million times better than commercial pop tarts, which taste like cardboard in my recollection.
DVArtist said…
Ohhh yeah I remember those cake decorating tools. You are lucky to still have it. The cake is so cute and the pastry looks wonderful. Be safe and Elbow hugs.
What a cute little cake :-)

I have actually never eaten a pop tart, wonder if we have or have had it over here?

I have seen one of those decoraters when I was a kid. Perhaps they'll make a comeback now when they want us to stop use plastic?

Have a great day!

Helen said…
lol I still have some of those cake decorating tubes.
Guillaume said…
Happy birthday to your daughter and what a lovely cake!
60 yaşında değilim ama o aleti hatırlıyorum. Türkiye'de de vardı.:)
JustGail said…
I have one of those cake decorators, but never used it. We rarely have cake, and to do fancy decorating is even rarer. That might change now that I have more time.

I did make sourdough pretzels a couple days ago, used King Arthur recipe and your method of boil then bake. Pepper in addition to salt sprinkled on is a great addition!

Pop Tarts - once I realized how many calories are in them, I decided there's much tastier ways of consuming 400 of them. Four hundred calories that is, not 400 pop tarts. Do you use pie crust dough to make yours?