Quarantine Day #30, Sushi and Bibimbop

 We've been locked up for a month now and everyone is going a bit stir crazy.  I've been cooking for family and friends just to break up the monotony.  Yesterday I made my family sushi and Korean bibimbop.  This has always been a favorite of mine since my days in Korea.

 It consists of a mound of rice paired with marinated beef, pickled cucumbers, sauteed carrots, avocado, spinach and topped with fried eggs.  It is served with a sauce that you dump on top and then mix everything together using chopsticks.

 I gave each of them a big bowl of the bibimbop surrounded with salmon and crab sushi.

 It makes for a healthy and very tasty meal.

 I've found that my porch deliveries have turned into the highlight of everyone's day.

 Some enjoy it a bit more than others.

On another note, I brought this roll of toilet paper back from the Czech Republic about twenty-five years ago.  I brought it back as a joke because it was the thinnest, cheapest TP I had ever seen.  I just finished the roll.  These are dark days people.


The eastern european toiletpapers were famous because of how thin they were :-) :-)The ones working here during summers always brought lots of rolls with them home every year :-) :-)

Bibimbop does look delicious!

Have a great day despite the quaranteen!

I haven't had bibimbop in years! I used to eat it at this particular Korean restaurant that went out of business. And oh my, that toilet paper! Gave me a good laugh. Dark days, indeed.
Guillaume said…
Funny, I don't imagine you cooking much Japanese food.
Funny about the toilet paper and comment about dark days.
DVArtist said…
Ohhh this looks so darn good.