Quarantine Day #73 Ziggy and The W's

We decided to meet The Blog Tech in his old backyard so the pups could play for the first time in months.  We stayed very far away from each other and we all wore masks.  The puppers did not.  They immediately tossed social distancing out the door. Before they arrived, Winnie stood at The Blog Tech's back door and waited and waited.  She thought he was inside.

When then they arrived it was two against one.

 Ziggy took them both on.

 Willie went to the ropes when it got dicey.

 Ziggy has a mouthful of chow chow.

 They played and played.

 Just like when they were puppies.

 This is a lot of dog.

 Ziggy goes for the ankle.

 Click on any pic to see the looks on their faces.

 Winnie looks horrified.

 Willie catches his breath.

 Fun was had by all.

 Remember my beans from the other day?  I had to throw all 9 quarts out because the beans never softened.  I must have bought some old beans.  I'm never buying bulk beans again.  So, I made a different recipe yesterday.

Maple Baked Beans:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/2015/03/maple-baked-beans.html

I hate to waste food but sometimes stuff just happens.

 It was my husband's birthday yesterday and The Blog Tech and his wife made him a British meat pie.  They even spelled out happy birthday with the crust.  It was excellent.

My daughter baked him a toffee banana cake.  He loved it.


what a lovefest between the pups. a wonderful sight to see. Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby. a shame about your beans. take care. stay safe this holiday weekend.
Cheryl said…
I have heard that if you add vinegar to dried beans before they are cooked they will not soften. I don't know if this is true since I cook mine first then add the additional ingredients so I have not tested if that is true. It is very frustrating to spend that much time cooking then have to throw it out, I can sympathize.
Wonderful potos of the dogs :-) and I must say tat toffee banana cake sounds delicious! I still occasinally do the banana pudding :-)

Have a great day!

What happy pups! Too bad about those beans. And looks like your husband had a magnificent birthday feast!
Guillaume said…
Sweet to see the dogs playing together. Must be difficult for animals with the current pandemic.

I am not sure what is a British meat pie, and I have been living in the UK since 1999. What's in it? (I mean what kind of meat). I love banoffee stuff, would love to try that cake.
It looks like they play fast and rough. And, it appears they are all enjoying the rough-housing. The food looks delicious. Happy Birthday to him.
Valerie said…
Shame about the beans--But, OMG, the meat pie and cake TDF!

Happy Birthday to the hubs!