Quarantine Day #76 Happy Memorial Day

I hope we all remember this in November.  VOTE BLUE!!!


I want that newspaper!
Mary said…
I remember, very powerful. I think I heard his new re- election slogan is " Trust Me"
Marcia LaRue said…
Trump, the Grim Reaper, superimposed on the names of those who have died due to his inaction and stupidity regarding this pandemic!
We have to bite the bullet and hope to God we survive this lunatic so we can get the vote out in November!
If the virus doesn't get him, I hope the drugs he "says" he has been taking do the job!
Leanna said…
I sure as hell will never forget what he has done to the people of this country. Personally, I have a feeling he won't stand trial for anything he has done. It will be like Nixon all over again.
Guillaume said…
trump has a gigantic, fat ass. He really is a modern Nero.