A Marriage to Remember

My daughter gave me a copy of The Blog Tech's speech at her wedding.  I thought it was cute enough to share:

These are crazy times.  Yes, some of it is bad crazy.  But some of it is good crazy as well.

When you were a baby and we were so close in age that I couldn't tell the parents what you were crying about because I still spoke baby too, I'm sure this wasn't your dream wedding day.

Actually, at that age, you didn't know what weddings were so you probably had no dream wedding day planned but let me continue.

When you were a little older and carried every toy you owned around with you and our mother called you a bag lady, maybe then you were old enough to be aware of the institution of marriage and even start to dream of how it would be for you, and if you did, I'm sure this wasn't how you envisioned it.

Global pandemics suck and I am sorry for both of you that your plans got altered by something completely out of your control.

But in my opinion, on this marriage day, what you guys are having is way closer to what real marriage is like, and what's truly wonderful about them.  Weddings are fun, but the joy of marriage is nothing like a black-tie gala. Rather, for me, the joy of marriage is when life changes your plans and you have someone to navigate the chaos right alongside you.  That's what you guys have with each other.  The wedding event may be delayed and life is really weird right now, but today, you two made a vow to spend the rest of your lives together. Corinavirus did nothing to change that, did it?

The good crazy is that you were so lucky to meet a guy like Jeff and he was so lucky to meet a girl like you.  When I look at Jeff, I approve of everything I see and I can tell he treats you right. That makes me very happy and gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Plus, he cooks like a motherfucker and that's always a great perk.

The good crazy is that times are such that the parents could have lobster delivered to us from Maine overnight.

The good crazy is that we are all making the best of this situation, and for what it is, I think it's awesome.  It's an epic story to tell.  And, we will still have the wedding celebrations in just one year.

We love you guys so much and we are so happy to be sharing this day with you.


chickpea678 said…

The Blog Tech has a way with words. And a giant heart.
Marcia said…
That is beautiful! What a wonderful bond your children have.
Leanna said…
OMG! This made me cry. Words from the heart.
Rain said…
AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....Congrats to the new married couple and wow, lobster!!! xxx
Cottage Tails said…
Not the wedding any of you imagined. but you all made the most of it. Congrats xx
my heart be still. beautifully said. i hope you'll be able to have a bigger celebration somewhere down the road. best wishes to the new couple.
Guillaume said…
Very beautiful and very true. Better live in challenging times than having a challenging marriage.
Valerie said…
Lovely, just lovely. Mazel Tov!
Bee Haven Bev said…
That was awesome!!!!
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