A Small Accident and Moving Day

 It seems like it's been a long time coming but today is finally moving day.  And what a lot of work it was to get to this day.  Most of the furniture from The Blog Tech's old house is being moved to my guest house.  I am keeping as much of it as I can for when My Daughter and The Chef get a bigger house and have room for it.  I was hesitant to store one piece from the move in the guest house basement so I made room for it here.  I've had the birdhouse table in this pic for years and it holds a glass candle collection I accumulated over the years.  Before we go further, that is a Celtic cross, not a Christian one.  Crosses were very symbolic long before Christianity embraced/stole them.  In the front of the table is one of my very heavy crystal balls. As I was standing and staring at this table yesterday, I was wondering what I will ever do with all of this glass.  I decided that for now I would just clean it and make room for the piece I was moving in.  I reached to pick up the crystal ball, forgetting that it was not attached to the base.  The ball rolled on the table like an out of control bowling ball and demolished quite a few pieces of the glass collection. 

Here it is after I moved it; with a lot less glass. Be careful what you wonder about while standing before a powerful crystal ball!

 Anyway, here is the new piece.  It's a nautical lamp, the kind that boats used when sending signals to other vessels.

 It's different but I sort of like it here.

 And just t give you an idea of the basement project, This is one half of the basement a couple days after I started working on it. A literal dump.

 This is that same space now.

This is the other side.  The movers will be here shortly so I have to get ready for them. It will be good to have this done!


Megs said…
Oh, no! The after picture still looks good, but I hate when I break things.
I have told you before, you are the best designer on the internet! I saved some of the living room pictures to my Pinterest. Let me know if that is not good with you. I love that nautical lamp, along with, well everything!
Thanks for your posts, I don’t comment much, but I love all of them
I guess all that glassware's time had just come. Nothing lasts forever!
Leanna said…
OMG! No! Jeeze, I bet your heart sank 100 ft below the water when the glass pieces broke. I know that's how I always felt when I broke something I loved. At least think of it this way, you have room for new pieces now.
Mike said…
I don't know if I would have gone within 10 feet of that table full of glass. That just looks like an accident waiting to happen to me.
Cottage Tails said…
OOPS!!! What a shame. All the best with the movers. Plenty of room in the basement now.
Guillaume said…
Sorry about the accident. I saw the Celtic cross right away.
I hate breaking things i love. And, the older i get, the harder it is to clean up glass.
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