Dump Trump


Hahahahahaha, Trump and Barr as Ken and Karen!
Marcia said…
So good. I read many of these out loud to my husband for a good laugh.
Marcia LaRue said…
Yup ... #9 -- Barr and Dumbass [Trump] had me leaning back in my chair and saying: Oh My God!
They are all good, but that one beats them all!
Leanna said…
I loved the couple with the guns. Good ones.
Great as always but I especially liked the fourth from the bottom!

Kay said…
These are so great!!!
Guillaume said…
Great ones, as usual.
Guillaume said…
Oh and by the way, the way Trump stands, kind of permanently bent down, it looks like he's got a huge dildo stuck in his asshole. (Sorry to be crude).

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