Wedding Preperations

 During this lockdown, I've been busier than I have in years. I sold a house and the move is in 10 days.  A lot of the furniture from it is being stored in my guest house basement and garages so I had to clean them up and get them ready ahead of time.  This meant cleaning up a basement that hadn't been touched in 15 years except by some kids (no names mentioned) that constantly threw stuff down there. What a job!  It was disgusting, hard work and I slaughtered a lot of creepy crawlies.  Yes, spiders were hurt in the cleaning of this basement....many of them. I also needed to clean it before the wedding.

I've been doing a lot of gardening.  Not a great thing to be doing in this extremely hot weather and this draught. I planted that hill next to the potting shed. Now I have to water constantly to keep it alive.

 At least the leak in the pond has been fixed and everything is back up and running.

 Somehow in this abhorrent heat, a running creek makes it feel slightly cooler.

 I've been sprucing up the outdoor furniture too. 

 It sure needed it.

 I power washed it and now it's getting a few new coats of paint.

 I'll take pics when it is done.

 I painted the front porch at the guest house too. When I redo this house next Spring, I will be putting slate down on this porch.  I decided to paint it a slate color so I can live with it and see if I like it.  I have new porch furniture coming next week and it will give me a chance to see what it looks like sitting on this color.  So far, I like it.

 What a challenge this basement is!  When the house is redone, the basement will be turned into a laundry/craft room.  I had the old washer/dryer hauled out of this area. I will have benches, shelves and closets built in here.

 There are 2 areas like this in the basement.  This was covered floor to ceiling with junk.  I filled 50+ construction bags with junk and had a truckload of other stuff hauled away.  What a job!

 Temporarily, I am painting the walls white just to make the area look better.

 The floors are next.  I'll paint them gray just like the porch.

I'm leaving the ceiling black for now because I would have to use a paint sprayer and I don't want to get that involved just to have it redone in less than a year.

So, besides making party food for 20 people and delivering it to them, this is how I spent my 4th of July weekend.

On another note...two years ago yesterday we brought home this little boy.  One of the best decisions I ever made!


Leanna said…
Puppies and hard work. What a lot of really hard work.
you are busy, indeed. looks like you are plowing right through it though. the creek you have is priceless. water not only feeds the plants, it nourishes the soul. love that pup. so sweet.
Two years already! time just flies away!

I don't think it passed any slower when You did all that work :-) :-) I've decided that hwen I'll do some bigger jobs here in my little cottage I'll just hire a container and throw it all awway :-)

Have a great day!

Valerie said…
I hear you about working outside in the heat--by noon it's unbearable, and a little dangerous! Take care, and happy anniversary Willie!
Jan said…
I do love that green on the garden furniture. I have black and want to repaint it. We were going to paint our patio before it got to hot but that will have to wait. We had a basement in our last house and i think it was just like that. A catch all for all stuff no one wants. When we moved we filled one of those bags from HD and it was mostly boxes of stuff we not longer owned. My DH loves to keep boxes just in case, but never throws them out.
Cottage Tails said…
Gosh cant believe it is 2 years. Whoop whoop for sale - and all your hard work
Guillaume said…
Happy Adoption Day for your puppy. Okay, not a puppy anymore. You are facing busy times ahead, but quite exciting times too I hope.
Bee Haven Bev said…
I, like you, am now over summer. Bring on Autumn. Everything is shaping up great at your place!! I always love to see your projects. Stay cool!!
Unknown said…
You are amazing. I’m exhausted just after reading your post.
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