The Upside of Being in Quarantine

 We are days away from being in Quarantine for 6 months.  In general. it hasn't been too bad.  I miss my parties and dinners though.  I've seen my kids a few times from a distance and wearing masks but at least we talk on the phone all the time.  This is more due to them than us.  They are very scared of us getting sick. They, too, have been being as safe as can be.  I've found a lot of projects to keep me busy. I've been baking bread and giving some to neighbors.

 I've been canning.

 I made more chow chow.

 This week's project was deep cleaning my kitchen.

 I cleaned out the cabinet that holds my Royal Doulton witch plate collection and washed all of the dishes too.

My helpers didn't help.  What kind of things are you doing to stay busy?


I reorganized all my recipes into file folders not too long ago. Threw out duplicates. Made sure I could find one when I needed it.
Holly said…
This quarantine is teaching us to level up our self sufficiency skills.
Mike said…
What quarantine? I guess I would have to go outside to notice. ... Nope, not going to do it.
Guillaume said…
Yummy, yummy food.
Rain said…
Oh baking and canning, how fun! Deep cleaning though, you can keep that one! I'm SO not into cleaning, yet this place really needs it! Well, living here, you wouldn't know that there was a world pandemic. We only go to town once a month or so, otherwise, it's life as usual!