I saw this pic online this morning and thought, what could be prettier?

My garden is becoming more Fall-like by the day.

The small pumpkins are called peanut butter pumpkins. I think that is so cute.

All of my mums are blooming.

And now I have a mix of Summer and Fall together.

I'm slowly acquiring more pumpkins.

We have cold weather moving in from the arctic this coming week, so we will once again go from Summer to Winter.  It should do in most of my herbs and vegetables so I quickly removed all of the leaves and stems from my tomato plants to try to get the plants to ripen the last fruits before it hits.  I will harvest the basil tomorrow to make the last pesto of the year.



We have autumn weather here but still almost summer warm. I wonder if this autumn and winter will be like last year, unusually warm.

Have a great day!

Mike said…
Lot's of great colors.
Guillaume said…
It is ideally and idyllically automnal here. Need to start buying pumpkins. Lovely pictures, as always.
I will get a few pumpkins when my Farmer's Market has them. Your place looks nice.
Valerie said…
I love your fall displays and garden! Still 80 degrees here, but the leaves are slowly turning. I put out my first skeleton yesterday.