Dump Trump




Marcia LaRue said…
R.I.P. Ruth Bader Ginsberg ... Vote ... donate ... do everything you can to get Amy McGrath voted in and get that a-hole McConnell OUT!
Vote Blue across the board, down the ballot to get that a-hole Trump OUT!
2020 totally sucks ... can't end soon enough!
My faves are "rural, not stupid" and "like criticizing the Amish on television."
praying for that miracle.
I always enjoy these Dump Trump days and the second one today made me laugh out loud :-) :-) :-)

I was so sorry to hear that Ruth Bader Ginsberg had passed away!

Kay said…
It's hard to pick a favorite from these. They are all perfect.
Mike said…
Lots of good ones. Many are sad but true.
Guillaume said…
All great ones. And I really miss Obama.
Leanna said…
These are all great. The meme with SLJ as moderator killed me. Now if he points a gun at trump while saying all that it would make it even more funny.