Dump Trump



Valerie said…
Thanks for the poll watcher information--sharing it on my page. Isn't it a beautiful October?!!
Mary said…
When I first heard trump tell his followers ( trying to to be vulgar) to go to the polls I wanted to scream, that is illegal!!!! I cannot imagine the fear that put in to some potential voters. VOTE HIM OUT, ( pardon the screaming I do that a lot ).
Marcia LaRue said…
I am not feeling very bad about Trump and Melania having Covid-19 ... how do you catch a hoax? I hope they both (actually, all of the naysayers) suffer tremendously with the virus and any of the residual aftereffects that so many are dealing with.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i have no sympathy at all for anyone in that group that contracts the virus. just look at how many could have been saved if he had been honest about the virus and cared more about the people than his reelection. i see it as the universe correcting herself....karma.
Guillaume said…
I don't want him to die because I want him to be beaten at the election. Otherwise, the Swine's getting the flue is pure Schadenfreude.
That final meme is making me uneasy!
bobbie said…
Karma is a bitch!!!
Great ones as always and I did like the last one especially much :-) :-)

Jan said…
I just want him to be put on a ventilator from China, so he can suffer like the over 200,000 have. He just keeps spewing more lies. I don't see how his followers still praise him, may they all get the Covid virus.
Mike said…
Trump tests positive for COVID-19.
He finally passed a test without cheating.

Trump couldn't find the cure for the Coronavirus.
But the Coronavirus may have found the cure for Trump.

Can't believe trump tested positive for COVID-19.
All he had to do was to not get tested.

What’s the difference between the “China Virus” and the Vietnam War?
Trump dodged the Vietnam War.

Trump's doctor is telling the public to prepare for the worst.
A full recovery.

They say Trump first noticed he may have Covid-19,
when he couldn’t smell the bullshit coming out of his own mouth.

Trump has tested positive for COVID-19.
Looks like RBG won her first case before God.

Trump has tested positive for COVID-19.
I've tested negative for sympathy.

When you don’t qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize,
go for the Darwin Award!