Food and More Food

The two women that I send food to all of the time treated me to stone crab claws from Florida. They were scrumptious.

For football Sunday, I made mashed potatoes and pot roast.  My daughter decided that this is her new favorite food.  She loved it so much that tomorrow, I am making it again.

I made the kids some bacon mac and cheese too.

I asked The Blog Tech what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  He wanted Korean carrot salad,

Israeli couscous, 

and Asian chicken legs.

I used to make these for his school kids all of the time.

If you want the recipe just type Asian chicken legs into my search bar.

My daughter whipped up some cookie dough cupcakes for her brother.  He had a good birthday.



Mary V said…
I will have the bacon mac and cheese and a bit of carrot salad please. You were offering right?
It looks like a happy birthday!
Everything look just delicious :-)

Have a great day!