Maybe We Can Finally Laugh About Him



Marcia LaRue said…
All so damned true ... it makes me sick! I had to copy & drop the very first one onto my FB page ... SMH Hopefully, all of his revenge tantrums can be cancelled out and replaced with good positive actions for OUR country!
January 21st simply cannot get here fast enough!
Mike said…
I like the bumper sticker. I've purchased similar bumper stickers but never put them on my car. Knowing how crazy tRUMPers are, I didn't want to put my car in harm's way.
Great ones :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
He's a laughing stock and so are his cronies. And it's getting worse and worse, with Rudy melting like he just looked in the Ark of the Covenant.
Hardest working man in America alright!
Valerie said…
Trump has always been ridiculous, vulgar, pretentious, and laughable. But his followers are dead serious, and they are not going away. They are living in an alternate reality of conspiracy theories and don't show any signs of returning to Earth any time soon. We must find some way to crack the bubble they've chosen to inhabit.
True Path said…
As with all those that harbor ill thoughts and hatred, time erases the harshness, and forgetfulness will set in. Trump and his divisiveness will be just records in the annals of history. And he will disappear. The next generations will think of him as, "Wow, what an asshole"!