Tiny Hands, Tiny Desk, Tiny Man

The bill signing desk is not meant to be used to give rants.


On Thanksgiving DiaperDon gets sent to the kid's table away from the adults.


Mary V said…
I have a chalkboard in my kitchen every morning I count down the days! huzzah!!!!! On January 20 at noon a neighbor and I are ringing bells outside . Small man in so many ways, or should I say all ways.
True Path said…
Trump will be the tarnish on the Republican party greater than Nixon's for those generations that have lived through his time he wasted in office of the American people.
Leanna said…
I wasn't sure that people were talking for real about him wearing Depends but when I saw the outline of them then he stood talking to the press and the snippet of a former Apprentice member I then knew it was really true. I've been laughing so hard from reading all the #diaperDonald tweets. This is probably going to follow him outside the gates of the WH when he's dragged out.
Mike said…
You left out the tiny mushroom.
Great ones as always :-)

Have a great day!

Eileen in Fla. said…
I'm still (and always) in a Giving Thanks mode, and I truly am thankful for your Blog. It has comforted me, reassured me that I was not alone in my dislike of this 'man', and it has made me laugh. Thank you for helping us get through the last 4 years.