Some Smiles



Hahahaha, love the Viagra and Solstice ones. And when even batshit crazy Pat Robertson says Trump lives in an alternate reality, you KNOW people may finally be waking up, LOL!
bobbie said…
Love them all, but that first one by Jeff T. says it all!!
Marcia LaRue said…
They are ALL great ... however ... the Pat Robertson one and the last one take the cake [oh, please ... take the Christmas fruitcake! LOL]
Merry Christmas to all ... looking forward to a much saner 2021!!
Got many good laughs today, I especially liked the glass one :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Tiedrich has a point. Why?
Mike said…
That's a half-full concept I've been seeing a lot of this year. Very appropriate.

In 60 years the kids will be saying, "Back in '20 you wouldn't believe what happened".
Valerie said…
These are all so great--loved the viagra one. Thanks, and blessed be!
Rain said…
Eeek!!! Mad Max!!! :)