Halloween Thrifting!

This is seriously addictive. I keep thinking that if I miss a day, I will miss all the really good stuff. Is this like 'if a tree falls in the woods' in that.....if a really good deal goes down and I am not there to see it, did it really happen? See what I mean, too much thrift shopping on the brain. I bought another old wooden fruit bowl for 1.00.

I have really lucked out on finding gold pillars which I need for my Halloween scheme. 1.25

An old chippy urn. I might leave this as it is. 1.00

Thanksgiving will soon be here. Time to think turkey.

More owls for the owl cage. These guys are multiplying faster than rabbits.

I am always looking for cheap finds with nice lines. No matter how bland or hideous a piece might be, if it has nice lines you can always transform it with paint. Vase: 1.00

A small tray with nice lines.

A great frame find for 2.95.

I paid 14.95 for this but it is big, about 30x26. I bought it for the frame the same as the one above. It's not a bad still life though.

This very heavy old poorly painted table was 2.99. After I refinish it, I will use it in the garden.

I have not embroidered in a long time but it looks like my next project will be something very big. This hoop is almost 36 inches wide. 99 cents.

I have really good Halloween futures in store for these two. 1.99

Another owl.

What am I going to do with all of these candle holders? Ugh!!! Someone stop me before I buy anymore! But this one was only 99 cents.

I am a wind chime freak. I must have 40 sets of wind chimes on my property. Most of which are Woodstock chimes, so I was thrilled to find this set for 5.95. When it gets windy here it sounds like something out of a movie.

This too will transform into something much more desirable when I am done with it. 1.25

These will remain the same and join the Halloween cache.

I have already antiqued these and they are in the cache as well. I love finding different styles of finials. They are so very versatile.

The Halloween warehouse continues to fill!!!


Sharon Day said…
Wow! I never find good stuff like that. I think it's just too hot here for people to do sales. Neat stuff--I can't wait to see how you use it around Halloween :-)
Yes You´re addicted, poor You :-) :-) Well at those prices I don´t think that You´ll get hurt by it anyway :-)

I´ts a long time since I saw a windshime now. The frames are really fine and I do like the fruit bowl!
Have a great day now!
brokenteepee said…
You could open your OWN thrift shop..just think, resell what you don't use any longer and have all that money to go buy more!
Aussiemade said…
I want to come op shopping with you, we have nothing like the incredible items you are able to buy. Well maybe it is because I dont get out there as often..lol and someone similar to you grabs them all. Love seeing what you get.
Jeanne said…
Some wonderful finds.....And such great prices! The finials look great.