Halloween Eve

Click to enlarge this vintage Halloween magazine and read the headlines.

This is the patch that the Salem Police wear on their uniforms.

Where else would I keep my eyes of newt?

A repro vintage Halloween shaker.

These are the centerpieces I use on my Halloween party tables.

This is a mini electric chair that buzzes.

A mini guillotine with a blade that falls and a basket to collect the heads.

A gallows with a trap door.

A prisoner in an electric chair that shakes and rattles and he yells.....give me more juice!!!

On a slightly more frivolous note, this music box plays the Funeral March.

Who will win the witch trophies this year?

Maybe you?

What are you dressing up as this year?

I will just put my feet up and wait to hear.

It's almost here!!!!


What delightfully macabre table decorations! Love the socks, LOL!
Suzie said…
What total fun! You have the most marvelous collection of Halloween decor and collectibles! (And I LOVE those stockings! lol)

Wishing you the most joyous Halloween!!
Lucie Le Blanc said…
Love your socks !!! hihii
windchild said…
Last year I was a sexy witch...this year I will be a gypsy. ^_^
Great things You show both yeatreday and today! I love that guillotine, gallow and the man in the electric chair :-) I can remember that we had such a guillotine when I was Young, I wonder where that is today?
Have a great day now!
Sharon Day said…
Oh boy! Awesome, awesome awesome!!!
Anonymous said…
I adore the Salem police badges. I swear that if I don't move to Finland someday(husband doesn't like that idea), I'm gonna move to Salem!
brokenteepee said…
Is that the Hulk in the electric chair?

I am, and always will be a goat.
Jennifer Rose said…
i love all those decorations :D
Rue said…
Those socks are perfect! Love the miniature forms of execution - lol - perfect party fun!
Aussiemade said…
Happy Halloween as it is almost here down under. May your day be all you desire, and full of love and joy. You certainly have passion for it Jaz. I love your decorations amazing.
Unknown said…
Hellooooo! Happy Halloween!
I really need to get me a pair of those socks.
Zabet said…
Where on earth did you find the miniature guillotine and gallows? They are amazing!
Divaeva said…
I totally love dressing up - I would do it everyday if I could get away with it! This year I am being a 1940's Raven Goddess
Nydia said…
Wonderful choices! Hipe yo have a great Halloween night! And thanks for giving away another bag full of awesome goodies! Just too generous!

Kisses from Nydia.
Stitchinwitch said…
I love your Halloween decorations. I need to get a mini electric chair for my daughters doll house :)
TMCPhoto said…
Your table decorations are amazing, If I were invited to your home this Samhain I'd spend all my time examining each tiny detail.

This year I'm pulling out my favourite stand-by costume. It's name changes almost each time I wear it. This year I'm going to let the Peanut tell me what it is.
Mother Moon said…
you dear are just too nice... what a wonderful halloween giveaway on Mrs. Bs... you are definately the most giving person... blessings to you this Samhain
ELLIE said…
your collectibles are amazing - absolutely beautiful - and your giveaway prize is super generous - thank you for contributing to mrs B's blog giveaway---I even wrote down your lasagna recipes - it sounds delicious and I cannot wait to try it with ham - so interesting!!!Love your blog and the beautiful colors of your garden - thanks for sharing it all!!!
Hilary said…
What great decorations! I really love the eye of newt jar.
Anonymous said…
Just flying by to wish you a wonderful, witchy Halloween !!!!!
Have fun !!
Anne said…
I love your decorations. This year I am being a vampire, my teens insisted.
Krissy said…
Love the halloween centerpieces!