Why Would a Witch Travel to Salem? Shouldn't She Be Running in the Opposite Direction?

I am ready! I packed a pumpkin, grabbed the cat, waxed the broom and I am out of here! Salem, here I come!!!

It's raining and I have drippy pumpkins.

I harvested the last of my gourds.

And I bought a new witch from a very talented lady. This is a dollhouse witch and is only 4 inches tall.

She is dressed in her traveling cape.

With her fancy red hat.

And she is wearing her best necklace.

Her tiny little hands are very witchy.

She looks a lot like one of my cousins.

She is wearing her knit socks and fanciest boots. Her legs are a lot thinner than my cousins.

This is her suede traveling bag.

What does it hold inside?

Candles, a toad and a skull......tools for spell casting!

I am very excited to post throughout this upcoming trip. I will be traveling through wine country and stopping at some vineyards as well as taking a cheese tour. I will be stopping in Skaneateles which is the prettiest town right at the top of one of the finger lakes. And then on to New England to visit Salem, Gloucester, Essex, Rockport and more. If you are interested, come along with me.....there is plenty of room on my broom.....hehe, I made a rhyme.

Halloween Memories: I was very disappointed when the candy companies came out with the mini candy bars. I never got another big one when trick or treating after that. I felt very ripped off!!!!


Judith said…
Have fun! Post lots of pictures!!!!
Laurie said…
This sounds like a fabulous trip ~ I'll hurry and pack my bag! I have been to Salem twice, loved it!
I can't wait to hear about the vineyards and especially the cheese tour. I am a cheese nut, I don't think there are many cheeses I don't like!
brokenteepee said…
I love to live through your trips since I don't travel any more.

The detail on your new witch is incredible
Thanks for letting us tag along on your broom! Your blog posts will be the next best thing to going to all these wonderful places in person!
Sharon Day said…
Don't mention which cousin she looks like--could be offended. Hee hee. The details on that doll are insane! I'm hoping you have a marvelous autumnal time with lots of magic and beauty. Memory: We had one man who hated Halloween. He was the "town drunk" and every year if you knocked on his door, he was having a big swinging party going on with scantily dressed people and he'd say "Merry Christmas" and put a candy cane in your bag. It was always a dare to knock on his door.
The details on that doll is impressive! I can imagine how difficult that must have been to do.
Have a great trip now!
You've won an award on my site. Great detail on the witch!!!!
Anonymous said…
That little purse is so cute!

Have ga-boodles of fun!
clairedulalune said…
Fantastic witch! Oh I can not wait to see and hear all about your adventures at Salem! Have a wonderful time!
Have a great time! I expect lots of cool pictures!

Anet said…
Oooo... yes! I'd love to come along on a trip to Salem!
Your witchy doll is just amazing! I love the contents in her bag, so cute!!!
Have fun on the trip! I can hardly wait for the pictures. Love your new witch too. Ha, ha on the miniature candy bars, I felt exactly the same way!
Anonymous said…
I have had so much fun looking at all the posts I missed. You are so very creative. Such wonderful decorations !!
Have a wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to seeing new pictures ; )
Have fun !!
Guillaume said…
I find the first witch particularly scary.
Sounds like fun!