Spell Book Part 2

Teddy wants to invite you to come back tomorrow to take a video walk in the gardens with her.

I thought I would take you farther into my spell book and show you other parts of it. I paste a copy of each years Halloween invitation into the book.

Click on the pic to read it.

Sorry about the shadows. I am always clipping little things from magazines and adding them to the book.

Here are some stamps from the package I recently received from Greece. If you don't save these sorts of things, you forget about them as the years pass. I will always remember this wonderful gift when I look at this page. I look at a spell book as a walk down memory lane.

It's like going back to your childhood home when you page through the early ones.

Looking at old cards and notes written inside, reminds you of who you were friends with at that time in your life.

Some people send such unique cards that I can't think of a better place to save them.

When I am yearning for Halloween and Fall, all I have to do is open the book and page through it to get my Autumn rush on.

It is always surprising to find out who our fellow Fall worshipers are.

This is the inside of another Halloween invitation.

A special birthday card from a friend in New York.

This is a Teddy muddy footprint placed in an album of Teddy photos I received from my family a few Christmases ago.

Here is a closeup of some of those German diecuts I mentioned yesterday.

Black cat diecuts.

You can snip these apart and use them all kinds of different ways.

These are my favorites.

***Tomorrow is the drawing for the present giveaway so there is still time to enter by clicking on the button on the sidebar. I will be posting a new Teddy's Treat tomorrow!


Pricilla said…
The colors on the diecuts are so striking.
Really saturated.
Suzie said…
What wonderful cards and invites! And you're right. They do bring back memories. I love ephemera! I've got a few Halloween German diecuts, but nothing like the ones you've shown last! Those are wonderful!!
And that Teddy paw print is precious! She was probably very excited about making a gift for Mama!!

Please tell her of course, we'll go for a tour with her! Heck, we'd follow her anywhere!!
I wish I was better on saving cards and other things I recieve. I normally puts them in a drawer and forgets about them.

One thing I have saved however and has a placing where all can see it is the framed little photo of Teddy I got with the package i got from You :-)

I really like that foot print card :-)

Have a great easter now!
I love all of your Halloween stuff... your invitation was so cute! I would love to attend one of your parties; I'm sure the food must be "to die for" :p.

Can't wait till Halloween season arrives again (for me, that's late August) to see what you have in store! ♥
Oh dear me, I had so much fun looking through your spell book share. The die cuts are awesome, the invitations scary, the snippets of poetry spell bounding, Teddy's paw print is a keepsake of love, Jane's quote is true ~ we all need someone to love, cards from the past are reminders...and it is all good!

I've been an accidental gypsy the last 20 years, many of my treasures are gone forever.

Tell Teddy Guide I'll be back for the tour.
faerwillow said…
~such delightful bits and pieces you have in your book...i had to go back to the first post and read...much magic and l♥ve lies within your pages...well wishes and brightest blessings~
Sharlene T. said…
Your books are remarkable! Thank you, so much, for sharing. Have a happy Easter -- all of you!
Lynelle said…
Lovelovelove the image of Teddy in the Garden. She looks like a magical creature in a secret garden!
SeeThroughGreen said…
that looks so great! You have such interesting and beautiful things!!

I know what you mean too about kids now vs then. I would love to see kids doing real kid things again...
i want Halloween too...

i can not wait for the walk in the garden tomorrow with Teddy...

the adoption date is all set for Tiny Teddy...we are driving down to L.A. on Tuesday, April 20th and meeting Valerie at her house in Anza,CA on Wednesday, th 21st. Google Anza..it is in the middle of nowhere....I can't wait...
it is so quiet in here i could cry....

i'll be back tomorrow

p.s. the pawprint sent me to the moon and back....
fun fun remembrances! - and I love those crone die-cuts!
oldblackcatboo said…
That is So Beautiful!!!

I love to have Teddy as the Garden Tour guide...she looks "magical" in that photo. I can't hardly wait to see the garden! I wish I was there in person to see it and I would bring my Blue so that he could play with Teddy!
Nydia said…
Everything so lovely! The cards are awesome...