DIY Garden Decorations

Here is one of my favorite garden decorations and it is the simplest and cheapest of all! Take a nice sturdy branch and trim off all of the side branches leaving just two small nubs about 10 inches apart. Take any type of long thin bottle and tie it to the branch with twine. Wrap the twine around the nubs to hold it from slipping. Click for a better look. I cut some dogwood and placed it in my vases. You can use these all summer long and then just throw them away at the end of the season.

Stick the branch in the ground and fill the bottle with water and then fill the vase with whatever is presently blooming in your garden. You can line a garden path with these. I have pcv piping attached to the sides of my raised beds and I just slip the branch right into the pipe which holds it in place.

Look closely...there is something lurking under the trees below. What or who might it be?

It's Teddy! She is on her way back from patrol.

Suddenly she glances to her right and sees the gazebo area.

She can't believe it is so neat and clean and has sunlight!

She checks it out thoroughly to make sure nothing has been uncovered that she needs to attend to.

Safe and secure.

Another job well done.

Time to go back home.

Uh mama! Our grass is getting pretty out of control??? There could be small critters hiding in it. Don't worry pup..a big garden clean up day is scheduled for tomorrow! More pics when it is done.

For now Teddy will lay in the shade hoping something will soon be cooked on the Big Green Egg!

BTW...that little black shelf was purchased at a thrift store the other day for 4.00. I am going to stack some small pots on it. After viewing pictures of the gazebo which I have been posting, I've decided it looks a bit dull so I am going to decorate it and if I like the way it looks I will post pics of it. I thought it might be interesting to walk through the woods and come across a decorated room. The benefits of blogging!

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It´s no use to have any decorations in my garden, Two male dogs and You know what they do t9o show they own it :-) :-)

I really like the gazebo! It lets in just enough with sun light.

Teddy take her guarding duties really seriously :-) My old Erna does it over here, but the both boys would be glad if anything/anyone would come in :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Sharon Day said…
I always count on the tours of your gardens to connect me with Mother Earth as I'm working. When I'm done with work for the day, I walk through my own garden. There's no Teddy, so it's a bit of a bore, but you definitely inspire me to make more nooks and hangouts.
Oh dearie, another splendid stroll in the garden of delights.

Clever idea of the plastic bottles to hold cut flowers.

Teddy is on-the-job and on patrol in her garden. The gazebo is so inviting.

Have a great evening.

xoxo to Teddy on Patrol.
Great idea for the garden art. You are always so creative!!! Once again, thank you for sharing your beautiful yard with us. Just cannot get enough of your pictures!

Love that idea with the garden 'vase'. I think Teddy does such a great job of her patrol duties! I got my plates today!! They are so cute can't wait to do a table with them and blog about it. Thanks Again!!

Linda @ A La Carte
Suzie said…
I'm amazed at how quickly that path down into your lower gardens has filled in with all of the different textures and shades of green! It's beautiful in every season. You've done an excellent job of landscaping!
brokenteepee said…
I'm surprised Teddy didn't take a little nap in the Gazebo...I would have.
pastrywitch said…
Teddy looks so pretty - all fluffy and shiny.
Lisa said…
I so love your garden. Thanks for the bottle idea! I have some bottles similar to yours and will have to give this a try! Teddy is so adorable.
I always so love the picture of your home and your Teddy. It's truly a exudes magick!
Cindi Myers said…
Teddy can always make me smile.