A Garden Tour by Teddy

If I can just wake up I will take you for a little walk.

Ok...I am up and ready to go.

The marigolds are filling in and smelling their marigold smell!

My mama planted them in all of the raised beds. Last year right after my mama planted the new raised beds, I took a walk through them. This year I thought it would be best if I passed on repeating that.

The tomatoes are high enough to be tied on to their cages.

The bat windmill keeps the birds away from the plants.

The eggplants look good so far.

This is a new climbing rose planted last year but we can't remember the name.

This is planted to grow on the iron fence behind the pool.

The mountain laurels are in full bloom.

The little room is looking much better.

Clematis is in bloom all over my garden.

The succulents are happy in their planter.

The first pepper blossom.

Cinnamon ferns in front of the cistern.

I hope you enjoyed this little walk. I am going to lay in the shade now. It is almost 90 degrees here. Not good weather for a fluffy pup like me.

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Teddy that was a wonderful tour and you better rest in the shade! Love the clematis! so pretty!
Debbie said…
Hello!! Just catching up...absolutely GORGEOUS gardens = very jealous Blueberry plains blogger! I haven't even started my veggie garden yet.:( The sammies? look yummie and the price of your thrift finds are just incredible...where DO you find such cheap treasures? A bat windmill?...how cool. I really like the wire trellises with the star? centers...very different. I had raised beds years ago and enjoyed them. I must think about doing that again. You live such an exciting life with your plants and food and family. Very neat!
Sharlene T. said…
Thank you, Teddy, that was wonderful. Come visit.
Sharon Day said…
Teddy, you're getting a real green paw--you're taking after your mama and you know all your garden plants. Good girl! (give her a pat for me)
Thanks for the tour Teddy! :)

I love Autumnforest's comment about Teddy getting a real green paw...and taking after her Mama and knowing the names of the garden plants!

Teddy Girl was right not to parade her fluffy self through the marigolds again this year.

The garden is pure delight. I click on for a close up and I am WOWED, everytime!

Almost 90 degress..yes ma'am, that is offically hot!!

Good job Teddy Red, good job Jaz!

Have a happy day and sip some iced tea or lemonade!
Guillaume said…
Your garden is lovely and you make me want to have one...and start gardening.
Deborah said…
Oh Teddy, I am seriously crushin on you! Hopped over from Tristan's blog and ever so happy I did. De-Lovely garden! **blows kisses** Deb
Wow! Teddy, your mom has such an amazing garden! Love it! :) ♥
Melodie said…
Beautiful,just beautiful!(dog and garden!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Teddy . . . please tell your bean I made her grilled cheese sandwiches today for lunch with the homemade butter but I added a slice of home grown tomato as well and they were delicious. This recipe is a keeper!!
William Bezek said…
Nice tour Teddy, your yard is looking lovely.
Jennifer Rose said…
those climbing roses are gorgeous! such vibrant colour
Lisa said…
Teddy, you are such a good host. I enjoyed the tour so much. Tell your mommy that your garden is just beautiful.
Looks like all is well in Teddy's World! Enjoy your nap!
Teresa said…
What a wonderful tour. I wish Teddy would teach my dogs not to play in the garden.
brokenteepee said…
I would love some of that 90 degrees. It's quite chilly still here.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Hi Teddy, be sure to say hi to Joyce for me.

So glad you decided not to take a walk through your Mom's garden this year. GOOD DOGGIE!

From the banks of the Missouri River in Council Bluffs Iowa, but usually from Sunflower House or a Little Green Island

Hi Joyce..
I find myself bringing people on and showing them your blog...the gate is my favorite to show off...and they are always awed by the beauty and how extensive it all is. Gorgeous! And Teddy, of course...she is always the center of attention.
Fall is coming...:) Ok...not for awhile..but it is coming! The closer it gets the happier I get!
I'm back for a second look at your top of the ground gardens! You can't imagine how I long to do that!!
Unknown said…
I love your gardens and the pond and Teddy is just so cute with the door! teehee