A New Project

I've been picking up boxes at thrift stores recently. I look for jewelry boxes in good shape or any unique box I can find. Above is a jewelry box that I disassembled, taped off the lining and mirror and removed the hardware.

This was a nice box that looked like it was never used. The box cost 2.95.

I sprayed it gold and replaced all of the hardware and started gluing pearls and other "found" objects on to it.

Everywhere I go, I look for costume jewelry. Some pieces are dirt cheap because they are broken or maybe you find one earring instead of a pair. Often these cost 29 cents.

The final result is a very fancy jewelry box.

The outside is fancier than what is inside!

You can see large brooches, earrings and rhinestone pins. Click for a better look.

These are the types of brooches I look for. This box went the way of my daughter. As soon as she saw it she claimed it for herself.

However I made another. This one is actually a recipe box.

The fanciest recipe box I have ever seen!

It takes quite a long time to make these.

There is an awful lot of stuff going on here.

And this is going to be next weeks giveaway. It will be posted on Saturday. So if it is something you are interested in, make sure to enter the giveaway!

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Great idea, the redecorating, of boxes.

My daughter's claim things of mine too.

How is Teddy Fluffs?

xoxo to Teddy.
I clicked for a closer look and was amazed. I loved the dragon fly and the bee! The thing that fantasies are made of.
I have been searching ebay for my book but so far have not found what I want. It's out there...and the months are ticking by! Not even to Summer and I am already anticipating Fall. :)

You do a beautiful job, Joyce!
Melodie said…
I really like that! It reminds me of my Hubby's grandma who used to make collages in shadow boxes out of old jewelry!
Anonymous said…
So very beautiful, something a magpie really would like ; )
Illustrated Ink said…
Those are so lovely! What a creative and unique idea! I will be ebtering the giveaway for sure!
Cindi Myers said…
Please enter me in the giveaway!!!
I love how you decorated this jewelry box. I have a jewelry box that is over 25 yrs that my oldest gave me one Christmas, can't bear to part with it, but bling it up I could do. Love the recipe box and all it took was the dragonfly (I adore dragonflies) to know I will be entering this giveaway!
Sharon Day said…
It's more of a treasure than anything inside it!
What a change of appearance! I got the feeling of late 19th century when I saw those boxes.
Have a great day now!
How´s Teddy by the way?
Oh gosh! Those are fabulous. Great gift ideas too! You're so creative. I'm so jealous.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?
C said…
beautiful :)
brokenteepee said…
That is a beautiful recipe box.
:rubbing hands together:
The ultimate girly-girl treasure box!
Teresa said…
That is such a cute idea. I love how you can take something that some see as junk and turn it into such a work of art.
The Traveler said…
That is a great idea. I think I may try my hand at that with my daughter. What kind of adherant did you use? Hot glue gun?
DVArtist said…
I love your wild madness of the boxes. Madness in a good way. These are just awesome!!!
Debbie said…
That is the most beautiful box I have ever seen. You are amazing! Where do you get these ideas? Now I am going to have to buy a glue gun...is that how you get those lovely jewels on there? Gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous! It's no wonder your daughter wanted the first one! Well yah! I love coming here. Now before I leave, I am going in search for that lasagna recipe you took to the restaurant not long ago with our chocolate chip cookies!
Sharlene T. said…
Just gorgeous. This is similar to the 'pictures' the ladies at our church used to make with old jewelry. So beautiful and difficult. That's a lot of work. You can be very proud.
Lucie Le Blanc said…
I am speechless !! Wow !
Nydia said…
This turned out so lovely! I'll keep en eye to enter this giveaway too! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.
Jamie said…
That is so awesome! I love it!

Thank you for stopping by and making my SITS day so awesome. :)