Who Is Lurking in the Garden?

Who is that fuzzy creature behind the chair?

It's 'early morning' Teddy.

She starts her morning by checking behind every pot, planter, nook and cranny in the garden. It always makes me wonder what has been going on out here all night.

Ummmm....mama........lose the camera ok?

My eyes are hardly open yet and you are snapping away right in my face.

Oops...I hear something over thee.

Just a chipmunk and I know those guys are too fast for me.

I think it is time to check the side gate and see if there is anything over there.

Please don't take pics of my butt!

I think I will just take a little nap know.

Though I have not finished my basement yet, I still went to some thrift stores this morning.

But notice my new found restraint! I returned with one basket.

And a small lamp which I will redo. Progress!!! I am not a hoarder...I am not a hoarder...I am not a hoarder.


Mystica said…
Teddy is just gorgeous
brokenteepee said…
That basket is amazing!

And you are certainly not a hoarder! You can walk on your actual floors.
I have not seen one smooshed dead cat anywhere.
Teddy is as cute as ever :-) I love how she looks a bit tired :-)

Sometimes I wish I could feel all smells our dogs can, but then again not, especially when they spread manure all over the neighbourhood :-)

Only one lamp and one basket! I´m impressed!
Have a great misummers eve!
Rue said…
Maybe you have a serious fairy infestation, and Teddy is just checking out all the dust they left behind.

That basket is so great! I couldn't have left that at the thrift store either.
Beautiful, it does have a sense of humour in its look. ~bangchik
You're not a hoarder, you are a "Creative Woman Who Needs Stuff". :)

Teddy is so cute with her daily routine. Pup's like to have a job. Her's is protection and patrol with the added bonus of Teddy Red Fluffs love.

Both good finds, the lamp & the big wicker basket.

Wishing you a great day and not so much heat. We are nearly ablaze here in Florida.

xoxo to "Teddy Lurks A Lot"
Sharlene T. said…
Teddy is beautiful, all over, and must learn to live with her own private papparazzi...of course, you're not a hoarder...of course not...you're a...a...well...a...omg, you are a hoarder but a very artistic one...so, that's all right...

Twitter: SolarChief
Beautiful Teddy :) ♥

Great thrift finds (you're not a hoarder :p)!
Jennifer Rose said…
what a nice basket :) no unless you have more chows stashed away somewhere I wouldn't say you were a hoarder :p
Nydia said…
Teddy looks lovely even when sleepy! lol

Kisses from us.
I agree with Pricilla -- don't worry until you find a smooshed dead cat!
You must feel much more secure with Teddy on patrol! She is so pretty. I love the basket! You are not a hoarder! Really...not...cause I'm not and so your not! REally!!!
Lin said…
My kitties go out and examine every inch of the yard too--like something has seriously changed since yesterday???! What is with that?!
Teresa said…
Teddy is adorable. You're not a hoarder, simply an advocate for reclaiming previously used items.