Who Likes Blueberry Pie?

Throw about 4 cups of blueberries in a bowl and sprinkle them with about 3/4 cups of sugar and 3 tsp. of corn starch. Stir these gently trying not to break the berries.

Grate the zest of one lemon and fold it in with the berries.

Line a pie pan with your favorite pie dough.

Pour the berries into the shell.

Leave overlapping dough around the edge.

Sorry about the lighting. Somehow I turned my camera to the wrong setting. Top the pie with a rolled out round of dough.

Roll the edges inward pressing down to seal.

Spread the top with melted butter.

Then sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. Cut a hole in the middle to vent the steam.

Place it on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Bake it at 375 degrees until golden brown and the filling is oozing and bubbling over the sides. This can take up to an hour depending on your oven. You can tell by the smell when it is ready. Though it will smell good while baking, it will give off an overwhelming scent when it is ready.

Let it sit for a while to cool before cutting.

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Gracie said…
My DH would love your pies, he prefers cobblers as they have more 'crust' to them :0).

Want to thank you for not only posting your creations, but also for sharing your recipes. Our blueberry bushes don't put on enough yet for a pie, but we have fresh raspberries, and will only make pie crusts like you do yours from here on. Gotta' keep our families happy! Gracie

Favorite pie: pumpkin!
Blueberry Bliss! I can almost smell the blueberry ready pie!

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo to Teddy Ref Fluffs.
brokenteepee said…
I am going to experiment when fruit starts coming in around these parts - i have heard told of a cornmeal crust recipe that has my little brain whirling.
I'm a thinking that would go yummy well with blueberries.

Although in these parts it would be huckleberries. And they won't be in 'til August.
I can almost feel the smell over here :-)

Why do You sprinkle corn starch over the berries? I don´t think I´ve ever done that.

I love all pies, but most of all rhubarb :-)
Have a great day now!
Guillaume said…
Blueberry is actually the emblematic fruit of the region I come from (Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean), so much so that people from the place are nickaned Bleuets (Blueberries). it is the favourite pie of my brother (http://bleuetfjord.blogspot.com/). It is not my favourite dessert, but I like it enough, and there is also the homesickness element that plays with it. I had blueberry pie in August 2009 for my first meal in Montreal. The blueberries were from Lac-St-Jean. No pie ever tasted better.
I have got to stay off this blog! To wonderful. This is the pie Bible study is getting this week. My favorite pie has always been cherry. I may have to come back and change it to blueberry.
seeing if i can leave a comment...i think i fixed it....

love the pie :-)
looks like summer !
I looked at your poll. You need an "all of the above" option!
Sharlene T. said…
I'm about a week away from picking my neighbor's blueberries. (We share our harvest!) Guess what I'm going to make...Oh, I've just posted the solar edition of no-knead bread and sending folks your way. May meet some new people...enjoy your pie while I go off to get treated to dinner by my daughter...
Blueberries aren't as popular here then huckleberries.
I do like blueberries and thinking of buying some planted to put next to the raspberries.
They both make a great pie.

Coffee is on.
Lin said…
I love blueberry pie, but I think my all-time favorite is strawberry rhubarb. YUM!
Coach Z said…
I got your package!! Thank you so much for your generocity. EVERYONE loved it and the banana boats were very terrific. I did not have any and did not know they were included...so it was a grand surprise. Picture and details are on my blog!!

Teresa said…
This looks great. I just planted blueberry bushes, and I can hardly wait until the mature enough to give me some berries for a pie.
VintageSage said…
Gosh I always come here to get my cooking fix. This blueberry pie looks scrumptious!! You are such a good baker and cook. Hi to you and Teddy..who's adorable as ever. :)

LisaDay said…
Oh. Oh. I do. I love blueberry pie. And strawberry, rhubarb. And raspberry. And anything with crust.

Debbie said…
Well this is one of the most beautiful pies I have ever seen! As I was watching the photos scroll down through I expected it to look different for some reason. You didn't do the usual fold the edges and crimp or primp them. I love the look at the end...so scrumptous! Our blueberries are white right now and just forming. I will get photos when they get bluer. You are so skinny and so lucky you don't gain weight from all this good food! I would eat like this daily if I could but I can't. I used to cook just like you all the time and miss it and loved it...just can't do it anymore after the heart attack and weight gain. My hat is off to anyone that can and I enjoy looking at it and reading about it! Thanks!
How I would have loved to have known you when Patrick was alive. Blueberries was his all time favorite berry and blueberry pie, of course, was his favorite pie!
How he would have loved this pie..and how simple it is. Everything was always overwhelming when it came to pie making, but I did it anyway. Thank you for sharing this recipe! A little late, but I am copying it anyway and I WILL make it anyway! Sadly he won't be here to enjoy it and my present husband, although he likes blueberries is on a perpetual diet (as I should be) and said not to make it. One day when he is off to visit a relative I will make it and share it with my friends. :) They will love it I know. Me too! Thank you, Joyce, SO much!
p.s. I love ALL pie, but I guess my favorite, if I had one, would be cherry. I DO love cherries..or hmmm..boysenberry? :) I guess cherry.