My Garden Smiled For the Camera

The winner for the Celtic journal is: Jennifer Mac Neill-Traylor. Send me your info and I will mail it out to you. I will list next weeks giveaway tomorrow and since this weeks was so popular, I will make tomorrow's a special one!

The giveaway won't be posted until tomorrow because I had the stupid idea, in the midst of all the cooking I have to do, to hold a yard sale. So the Blog Tech is tied up with that as I cook for his party.

I will post the new giveaway first thing tomorrow morning.

These pics were taken the last time that it rained.

It's been in the 90's for a week and I can hardly keep up with watering.

Last summer we had more spiderwebs than I had seen in years and I predicted we would have a really bad winter. We got what I expected. This year we have more webs and they appeared much earlier so I am predicting cold weather earlier. We have not had a cold fall in a long time so this might be the year.

The Salem Witch Day Lily is still blooming.

And this is interesting. The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are already turning from white to purple which means they are starting to dry out. This is very early.

I have picked a few eggplants but my vegetables are not doing as well as I was hoping.

The peppers are the winners so far.

And I have very few tomatoes.

Back tomorrow with the new giveaway! I am off to cook up a storm!


Wonderful photos!! Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to party today!
Mother Moon said…
wonder pictures... your garden is simply beautiful.. have a wonderful weekend
Beautiful photo´s! I like them a lot!
Congratulations to Jennifer!

So many spider webs and it´s going to be a cold winter. We have very few around here so then I hope for a warm winter this year :-) I hated the last we had here, way to cold!

A yard sale! I wish I could have come! I don´t think You have a single boring thing to sell so that would have been fun to see all that!

Have a great day now! Will You have the 4th of July party already tonight?
brandi said…
~and what a smile it is showing...a l♥vely walk through your garden...nothing like capturing the little drops of rain still lingering...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Congratulations to Jennifer, the latest winner of "Teddy's Treats". Teddy loves to share.

I'm loving the garden macro shots! My favorite today is the Salem Witch Day Lily, gorgeous.

I love eggplants, fried, casseroled, in spaghetti sauce. It is all good!

Hope the Blog Tech does good for you in the yard sale! :)

Happy Fourth of July party!

I appreciate all you share!

xoxo to "Teddy Firecracker Fluffs"
Debbie said…
Happy 4th to you and your whole family Joyce! Your gardens are gorgeous! It is dry here and we are in the middle of a heat wave that will last for 5 or 6 days, getting hotter each day. That's a lot of watering for my garden too. Some of my tomato plants are smaller than others...must be the placement in the garden. I opted to not get manure this year and that could be why. I hope you make lots of money on your yard sale and you have a wonderful party! Love those Salem Witch Day unusual!
I'd love to come to one of your yard sales!

I never knew about the spider web lore. We have tons again this year so it'll be interesting to see if we have a cool fall.

We've been bloody hot here, too, and watering is a chore. We need rain desperately, but, none in sight for the next seven days.

Have a great weekend!
Gorgeous colours in your photos!
Melodie said…
Everything is beautiful! My favorite is that Salem Witch day lilie!
Thmini2 said…
Your plants are eautiful! Especially the Salem Witch daylily. We have 45 daylilies, but that one is one of the nicest I have seen. I'll have to look for that one! I always more daylilies and then one catches my eye. Teresa
greekwitch said…
I loved the Salem witch day lily. This is the actual nameof the plant?
Sharlene T. said…
Congratulations to Jennifer... would love to be at your yard sale... I've been cooking up a storm and going blueberry crazy plus prepping for tomorrow's meal... have a great Fourth! And, behave yourself...

Twitter: SolarChief
Nydia said…
Congrats Jennifer! Now I'm all curious about the new giveaway!

Yoe garden smiles so sweetly for your camera! Love them all... except the spider! Oh, can't look at it! :P

Cygnus MacLlyr said…
Absolutely beautiful! I love the water droplet series!!!

Happy eats!!!
Wow... these pictures are incredible! Great job! ♥
brokenteepee said…

Have a wonderful 4th of July!
I will sending you an email....thank you
Mystica said…
Have a good 4th of July. I like your title of this post!
Jennifer Rose said…
that lily is gorgeous! I'm going to have to see if I can get a few to grow here
w said…
those pics are awesome!

also. garage sales are never stupid ideas. never!
Rose Gold said…
Nice choice of shots on your garden. I like the way you had taken them right after it rained. The water drops are awesome addition to the pictures. Your pics spoke for your garden. Good luck on your gardening and hope to see more beautiful pics next time.
Rose Crystal said…
The photos are divine!I love the photos! I am really disappointed of myself because I really can't take photos as good as you do. But as for the garden, I can see that your plants are really doing well! The peppers are great! Please do post more of your photos!