A Halloween Mood

Following are a few thing to put you in a Halloween mood! I am really trying to ignore the weather outside. Maybe if I keep posting Halloween and Fall things the weather will change. I choose to believe this!

Trick or Treat

Isn't it funny how certain candies are associated with Halloween.

There are so many books about Halloween.

This whole book shows Halloween blow molds!

In case you have never heard of Pamela Apkarian-Russell, she is the Halloween queen. She has written many books on halloween collectibles and has appeared on Martha Stewart with some of her Halloween collections. Pam has a Halloween museum just outside of Morgantown, West Virginia. You can google her to learn more.

I love these books because they show me that there are still things out there that I have not found yet! They give me a sense of purpose!!!

These anthropomorphic things freak me out.

There are all kinds of Halloween cook books available.

I think my kids could still recite both of these books word for word.

I used to read them a Halloween book each morning while we waited for the bus. We did that from the first day they went back to school straight through Halloween. Then we started on Christmas books!

'Scary, Scary Halloween' was one of their favorites. Mine too!

I never make anything out of these cook books. I have my own favorite Halloween recipes which I made up and I make them every year.

I will post all of the recipes as I make them.

My kids are already putting in their requests.

This is another of Pam's books. I have the postcard on the cover and at least 12 of those plates. I don't have the glass but the witch on the glass is called the Upton Witch and I have lots of pieces with that image on them.

And my all time favorite Halloween book!!!

Freaks! Now this is what I consider scary!!!

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brokenteepee said…
You are killin' me with the candy. It wouldn't last a day in my house. I have such a sweet tooth.

Freaks, heh
i just don't know...but don't they say you have a twin in the world and don't know it.....

i have these books too...scary, scary halloween by eve bunting i have kept in a box of firewood FOREVER....kind of just tucked in...and those Kraft books...yep...have all of them too...and the Pillsbury ones...those little ones at the check-me-out-counter in the grocery...nothing makes me happier than reading through those cookbooks...and yep...never really make one thing out of them..i tried "crafty cresent lasagna" one time...john just about had a meltdown...i kind of liked it....

we woke to SUN...the first time in months !!!! we have warm santa ana winds today...very FALL...and the light is changing..i took teddy out to play fetch with his ball in the garden...and it felt different...

off to the nursery for mums for my window box

kary and teddy
sunday night football tonight and we are tailgating here at home. bbq teriyaki burgers, grilling pineapple (our new favorite thing) and cous cous......

wish you were here
The bottom book is the scariest of all Your things :-) :-) :-)

Since we don´t celebrate Halloween here all these things are more or less unknown here, well I know of them since I read this blog ofcourse :-)

Have a great day now!
I do hope Your weather changes soon!
Amistis Reudan said…
Well I guess I'm linked to the occult then!!!!
Sharlene T. said…
I get your point! Well, Missy, I still have a garden to harvest and you can just wait for the fall... grrrr... we're in the middle of a thunderstorm, right now, and it needs to let up -- NOW!... love your collection... saw a few at the antique/thrift shop (LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!) yesterday and thought of you... was going to pick some up but figured you probably already have them... will take pics on the next trip and let you see... ok? since I said yes to most of the questions, I guess my momma was right and I'm the devil in disguise... come visit when you can...

Twitter: SolarChief
Judith said…
in this hot and horrible weather, your pics are making me feel hope that fall will soon come! besides, love to look at all the goodies! :)
Suzie said…
What a wonderful book collection! I have some of those issues too, but I wasn't aware that Will Moses had illustrated The Headless Horseman. I'm adding that one to my list! I love his Halloween art, like "Girl's Night Out"

You've provided your kids with a lot of wonderful memories! I'm sure they know how lucky they are to have you for their Mom!

And yes. .that last book is downright frightful!!!!
Leanne said…
Freaks! Now this is what I consider scary!!!

Oh I laughed at this one! I had never met so many before we started homeschooling......

Love Leanne Nz
Guillaume said…
It is a great collection of books. I am trying to build myself a collection of scary books too, not many directly Halloween related but meant for Halloween reading.

The last one seems quite scary, like every ridiculous paranoid idea usually is. It reminds me of the Jack T. Chick tracks against Halloween and Dungeons & Dragons. I never know if I hate them or love them: they are utterly stupid and maybe even dangerous as fundamentalist propaganda, yet as scary stories they have a lot going for them: settings, atmosphere, a good deal of gore, etc. Still, I cannot pass the fact that it is Christian fundamentalist propaganda and that the ideology he defends has fascist tones.
Bronny said…
What a lovely collection. Halloween kitch is somewhat in its infancy here - we just do not have the history of it that you do in the US. The only witches in print that I have are the Discworld witches - might have to think about displaying them on my Halloween table in October too!
i am making the baked ziti too

I love the quote on the first picture! I might have to post that on my blog somewhere...
Cindi Myers said…
I am SO ready for FALL!
I keep pretending that I'll go outside and it will be cool and a little bit windy...instead of hot and humid! AARRGGHHH!!!!
Any day now!

and the only thing that scares me more than freaks are a Group of Organized Freaks thinking that it's their way or no way.
Millie said…
I must say that you have some very interesting reading there.
cindy said…
i actually have a few of those books! i have been thinking about halloween for some time too! already been making plans!
Dirgesinger said…
I think this is why I desperately want to live in the USA around Halloween-time:)
Buncha CRAP! Oops! Sorry..but it is. I hate that sort of thing.
But..it's out there. Folks who have nothing better to do I suppose..but...I loved all that candy...what fun! I am already thnking about what I might pass out this year. Sadly there are fewer and fewer children that come around. I was so much fun to see the little ones in their little costumes. Ah well...

I am so ready for Fall...SO ready! But then I always am! I know I shouldn't push time..but..it is hard not to..and then I see I am not the only one. I loved this post...and again..I think it's just knowing that there are others out there that love the season as much as I do! Now s'cuse me while I dig out my Ouija board. :) I am already going through my witches and shopping for a new one to add.
Wish I could come and browse your books! I think the weather wish is working - here! I'll wish for a swap :)
Kathy said…
What a great collection! We were fundies for many years and my husband wouldn't let us celebrate Halloween or let our son go trick or treating. In fact, one year I passed out literature very similar to the last book. I found them all over my front yard the next morning.

I'm so mortified by who I used to be.

But every time I read one of your posts, I can just feel how much fun you have in your home.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to know that I am not the only one ready for Autumn. I love your collection of books. I started one of my own a few years ago, but haven't added any lately. I do have the Woggle of Witches one though.
pattyj said…
Really love the Halloween mags and books too.
I have some that I re-read every year, even the children's books although they are all grown up now.
But there are always the grandkids to share them with.
Sugar said…
Looks like I have alot of book collecting to do!
What an awesome collection :)
Nydia said…
I'm drooling at your Haloween stuff!! :o)