White Magic Spellbook Giveaway and Thrift Finds

The winner of last weeks spellbook is: Sugar Please send your info and I will mail it right out. I have another spellbook to give away this week. It is a book of white magic.

It's titled "Enchanted".

There is all kinds of useful information in it.

Sorry about the flash but it was difficult to hold the book and photograph it at the same time.

It is filled with beautiful photos.

The cover is turquoise suede.

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winning name will be drawn next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted at that time.

I hit the thrift store again yesterday. I was thrilled to find these two perfect Stiffel lamps marked at $9.95 for the pair. And, since it was half off Friday, I got the pair for $5.00!!! These are going to be gorgeous when I am done with them.

This lamp is really sweet and for $2.95, it included the shade! I can't wait to transform it.

With lamp shades as expensive as they are, I can't pass them up when I find ones like this for $1.95. I know I will use them sooner or later.

Here is another rather plain shade for $2.95. It will look great when I add trim.

A witch can never have too many brooms. This one cost a dollar.

And it was handmade and still has the tag.

I love half off day. This set of bowls cost me less than $4.00.

Perfect timing on this find.

I collect vintage juice glasses and I rarely find them. These were .49 cents each and I already have the pitcher that matches them.

I love finding these small casseroles because they make perfect gifts when they are filled with something yummy.

And who gave away their crystal ball? The shame of it!!! Not only are these expensive when you buy them new but I think it is just plain bad luck.

I placed it on a bronze gryphon crystal ball stand which I already had.

The local drug store had these on sale for $1.00 each.

One now sits on the stand that came with the crystal ball.

They also had fall colored wash clothes on sale.

Remember this candle holder I bought last week? I had some hand made candles which worked perfectly for Fall.

Now if we could get some nice Fall weather. It is going to be in the upper 90's again today!!!


Congrats Sugar on your win!

Your finds this week are amazing... a Crystal Ball AND a Broom.... LUCKY LUCKY YOU!

I purchased the little Halloween cookbook a couple of years for my then preteen son...very cute ideas my 9 year old daughter pulled it out and rummaged through it the other day...I put handwritten notes next to recipes to "remind me" of tips for the next time... the Yummy Mummmy cookies on page 84 the chocolate cookie is WAY too dry... I think I will try to perfect that recipe this year. But we did have little harvest sticks with dip on page 24 were a real winner with the kids.
Laura said…
I love your thrift store finds. Wish I could go with you on a hunt and see you work your magic in finding such great deals. :)
Please enter me in the giveaway. I'm already a follower. :)

ps...i'm eagerly wishing for fall too...
windchild said…
Wow! Those are some fantastic finds! ^_^ Please enter me in your contest!
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted a crystal ball...
Tractor Mom said…
I just love stopping by to see what treasures you have found!! All I can say is I hope you have a HUGE house to put all this in!!

I love the idea about the cassrole dish...never thought of that before. And put me down for the book drawing!

Come by when you can...

Wizardess said…
unbelievable transformation on the candle-holder! Nice!
AlphaBetsy said…
I agree that I would love to go thrifting with you. Such amazing finds. Please enter me in the giveaway. I'm a follower. :)
Congratulations to Sugar!

Those photos in this weeks giveaway is really fine!

It´s much sheaper in Your thrift stores than in ours and over here they never even would think of "half off Friday" :-) :-) :-)

I do like the two Stiffel lamps! And the candle holder got even better with those candles!

Have a great day now!
Mother Moon said…
first... congrats to Sugar on her win... I am sure you will enjoy it.. next... wonderful finds at the thrift shopping... what a find with the crystal ball... and I love the candle holder at the end... you have such wonderful luck.... lastly.. of course I would like to toss my name in for the Enchantment book giveaway... blessings
I can't believe the stuff you find! The crystal ball looks lovely on it's new stand.
Have a nice Saturday - kisses xx for Teddy.
Unknown said…
I love fall and everything that goes with it, love your finds. You always give me ideas of things i need to be on the look out for, you are so right about the lamps and lamp shades. It is still in the upper 90s here in Florida, with heat indexes in the 100s so it is hard to get in the mood for fall yet. Thanks for the inspiration. Please put me in the giveaway
wow...what a score !!!

love everything...love the lamps...but you really got me with the broom...what a winner

you sure have good luck at the thrift shops...the halloween book is way cute..i just bought some juice glasses the other day...i love them too...

cool here again...:-{
wish i could send some your way..

we took Teddy for a walk last night and used the Halloween flashlight !!!!

pretended we were tick or treating

roasting chicken right now...making chicken pie today
and there is plenty for Teddy !!!

Sunday Night Footbal tomorrow !!!
whoo hooo
making something italian...any ideas????

kary and teddy
thesilverspoon said…
congrats on all the thrifty finds! I sure wish there were such treasures in the stores around here. Also, please count me in for the book giveaway :)
brokenteepee said…
I cannot believe you found those mixing bowls...*sigh*

Although we scored big at a yard sale yesterday. I'll have a post up as soon as I can get a photo.

An apple press. Never used! $15!!!!!!!

How cool is that?
There is going to be cider in the house.
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I just love your blog and I really enjoy seeing all of your fabulous finds. You have inspired me to share some of my goodies as well.
Sydnii said…
I can't wait to see what you do with the Stiffel lamps. (You're gonna post about it, right? :p) And very nice find on the crystal ball.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Enchanted
Sharlene T. said…
Okay, it's official, I'm moving to your part of the world! Congratulations to Sugar, I know she'll have a wonderful time discovering all the spells. I'm still trying to figure out why anybody would get rid of the crystal ball… You are right, they are very expensive… What is the circumference? I don't know if it means bad luck or whether or not crystal balls have to find their rightful owners… But, I do know this crystal ball has definitely found its right home…

Come visit when you can

Twitter: SolarChief
Sparkless said…
Wow those are amazing finds! I just found your blog through another blog announcing your contest. I'm a follower now and not just to win a contest. Your blog looks wonderful!
debbie said…
I would love to have this.
Suzie said…
What wonderful finds!!! Too bad that you can't get together with my younger daughter. .she has too many vintage juice glasses and is talking about getting rid of some.. but she loves them too, so that could just be talk!

And yes! It is bad luck to get rid of your crystal ball. .perhaps someone not in the know, got rid of it in an estate. I can't imagine anyone giving away something so beautiful. .

Hang in there! The weather is changing for the better. Even though no rain is forecast, they daytime temps here during the day are in the 80's, but more importantly, every night this coming week, the nighttime temps drop a few degrees lower, with the lows on Thursday and Friday being in the 50's! Yippee!!! And what weather I get, you get a day or two later. .your pool swimming days are numbered!
Unknown said…
I was just directed to your blob by Domestic Witch. I've really enjoyed your posts. Thanks.
lilylovekin said…
What amazing finds. I can't wait to see what you do with the lamps, you will show us won't you?
Millie said…
I think it would be worth the trip east just to visit your thrift stores. I never find cool things. Wait, I don't shop. That could be why.
Birgit said…
Well, if it's not love, maybe it's some white magic. ;)

-- Birgit

PS: Thanks for the chance -- and thanks for sharing all those great photos! :)
BleuMoon said…
WOW - I wish I had this kind of thrifting luck when I go out - always looking for halloween themed things, beautiful post again!

bison61 said…
great finds, I like the lamps & juice glasses

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com
Anonymous said…
Found your blog from a link on another page and spent two hours here yesterday!
I want to try several of your ideas (the no knead bread and the glass towers for a couple) and would love to win the white magic book.
Unknown said…
I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

I wish our thrift stores here had the awesome things you find at yours! I am so jealous of those lamps. Oh the possibilities :)

Thanks & have a great day,
Unknown said…
New Follower here- please SIGN me up for the enchanted book giveaway. I won Mother Moon's several weeks back and see that she is already a follower. Love all your thrifty finds.
Draven said…
Count me in for this weeks giveaway... I love all the thrift store things you find... love those lamps and that candle stand from last week is so beautiful, love the candles you used too... I need to find more time for thrift stores and antiquing just need to find a babysitter not a good thing to do with a 5, 3, and 2.5 month old....
cindy said…
what great scores...i love thrift shops/garage sales too!
a.rogue (Alice) said…
That's a beautiful book! Please add my name to the draw :)
It is a real talent to find those jems in thrift stores - well done!
Nydia said…
Congrats lucky sugar!

Count me in again, this book is awesome!

And you're always finding the coolest things! That crystal ball is priceless1

Yes, the candles look perfect in your holder! :o)
Christy said…
I was just googling Stiffel Lamps to see what I would find and your lamps here are the exact pair I have! Do you have any pictures of how they look now?