The Original Practical Magic Spellbook

One of the most prized possessions in my extensive, authentic witch collection happens to be the original spellbook from the movie "Practical Magic".

I keep it on permanent exhibit on an antique lyre book stand in my library.

As you know from watching the movie, hidden in the back of the spell book is a secret section that you can see in the picture above.

The front section has lighter, cheerier spells.

On this page I have displayed two dried flower petals. These and many other items such as notes, ribbons, pieces of fabric, and feathers were included with the book. I have set them aside to prevent them from falling out.

A page from the second part of the book for when the love potions don't quite cut it.

Now that you've exorcised the demon, it's time to drink these potions and find a new one.

And these are for when the new one breaks your heart.

When you're tired of this vicious cycle and decide to end it once and for all, that's when you visit the back of the book.

In the movie, you'll remember that they threw the book on the table, turned it upside down, and opened the secret area in the back in order to get to the dark spells.

In the movie you don't get to see too many pages of the book, which is a shame because it is full of illustrations and incantations like this one.

When a man has broken a woman's heart and she wants him to feel the pain he caused her, she casts this spell.

This is the spell that was used in the movie when the girls attempted to bring Jimmy Angelov back from the dead.

"There's a little witch in every woman" is my favorite line in Practical Magic because it exemplifies female empowerment, the theme that I believe has made this movie so popular. Owning something like this spellbook is cool, but it can never hold the power and significance of a spellbook that you make yourself. I am now going to take you through the way I make a spellbook, and I hope that you will give it a try.

There is a hidden pact which states that a witch should never show her spell book to anyone. I disagree with this; I think this is why so few women know how to go about creating them. And also, I write a blog. No one wants to hear about my spellbook so much as they want to see it.

This is a handmade replica of the Practical Magic spellbook that I purchased at a witch store in Salem, Massachusetts this past October.

As you can see, its binding is the same as the Practical Magic spellbook above. I have not yet begun on this one because I have another spellbook that I am still completing.

The spellbook completely open, showing the hidden area.

The next few pictures are a collection of different spellbooks that I have not yet started. This book has has a bronze Green Man on the cover.

Each chapter in the book of shadows begins with this kind of illustration.

The following photos are pictures of spellbooks in my collection.

This is the first spellbook that I have ever started, and it's the only one that's totally complete.
When I finished it, I wrapped in in the black satin ribbon shown here.. As promised, I am now going to show you the inside of my spellbook.

I believe a spellbook should show things near and dear to your heart. I'm not talking about Martha, but being the chow lover that I am, I had to include a picture of her with her Chow.

A spellbook should be like a treasure box; whenever you find something that holds special significance to you or even just makes you smile, make sure to add it.

Each year, I like to add a picture of the home made invitations to my Halloween party.

From year to year, I forget what my invitations looked like. It is fun to go back periodically and look at them.

Loving fall as much as i do, I clip anything that reminds me of my favorite time of year and add it to my spellbook.

I include special cards that remind me of different times in my life.

I especially like to keep one-of-a-kind Halloween cards that people send me every year.

This spellbook took me six years to complete.

I write all of my best recipes in my books. I put a little love and magic into all of my recipes. Just like the best of spells, they profoundly alter or affect the people around me.

I always made the same recipes when my children were sick, which always made them feel better. A couple years ago, I made all of my best recipes for a man dying of cancer, and it extended his life span two more years than the doctor had given him. They called it magic, and so do I.

I'm not going to lie: I have on rare occasion made some recipes from the secret area in the back of my book. As it turns out, however, you can't kill evil!!!

Dried flowers from my garden shown in the pictures above play a big role in my spellbooks. This is the flower press I use to preserve them.

Snippets of inspiration can be found scattered throughout my book as well.

These are vintage die cuts from Germany that I frequently use to decorate spellbooks.

This is the spellbook I am currently working on. I purchased this from The Broom Closet in Salem, Massachusetts. It is a duplicate of my first one.

More vintage German die cuts decorating the inside of the cover.

In my witchy mind, I thought I might be able to reincarnate my dearly-beloved dead chow Freddy. But just like in the movie Practical Magic, you can bring someone back, but they won't be exactly the way they were. Teddy proved this point!

I feel very comfortable displaying my political views within the confines of my book.

A poem from the inside of one of my Halloween invitations from a few years back.

Fall inspiration comes from all different sources.

More vintage German die cuts.

I like to include pictures of loved ones here and gone.

There are no guidelines for the way your spellbook needs to look. It can be as fancy as any of these, or as simple as a notebook or binder.

Just a little witchy wisdom for you: to hide a spellbook is to hide your true self. I hope that this post has inspired you to let your witch flag fly.

The magic is within you!!!

To end this post, I give you one last treat: Sally's umbrella. This is the actual umbrella used by Sally (Sandra Bullock) at the end of the movie when they all jumped off the roof!

And in true witch fashion, I don't believe in any of the negative energies out there. I like to open my umbrellas in the house.

Thank you all for visiting and please remember to enter the giveaway! Whenever you need your witch fix, please remember to stop by and visit me where it's Halloween today and every day, for good and for bad.


Robin Larkspur said…
All I can say is WOW! What a great posting today, music and all. Thanks for sharing your Book of Shadows. My Book of Shadows is just a binder, which I decoupaged, and fill with many things as well. Nothing that comes close to yours though. Magick is beautiful no matter what the Book looks like! You are a very special witch, and I appreciate your inspirations!
Lisa Brawner said…
You have So inspired me !!!!!!! Such a lovely and totaly awesome collection of Spellbooks !!!!! I enjoy my visits to your blog ..each visit is a treat for my soul.
Millie said…
Very beautiful books! I confess mine is simply a loose leaf binder, but it visible to all who know me well enough to make it to the upstairs of my home. The books you have and are giving away are fabulous!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
What a wonderful post! =D

I absolutley love your spell books. They're all so wonderful! Thank you so very, very much for your willingness to share these with us. ^-^

Unknown said…
Oh oh oh oh what a delighful..and well am so enchanted by hon...that was wonderful. I am so wanting that spell book..please add me to the giveaway!
Please pop on by and add your name to my hat too!
Blessings, Sarah

I think I am a follower already too.
Rosemary said…
I am a follower becasue I am so impressed with all your skills with decor and cooking. Love the idea of filling a spell book . So unique.
Sara said…
What a delightful collection you have. I love them all.

And thank you for the giveaway... would love to throw my name in the pot for that one. :)

Have a great day. xx
Unknown said…
Oh Jaz sign me up...I have a witch in me...I have been wanting to make a spellbook for ages, finally getting to it today...But would love one from you..You alaway have the best recipes and stuff I use them alot..I dont post alot but do read ya..xoxoxoxox
Valerie Hart said…
Lovely post Jaz! Can I come over for some of that pie?! Beautiful collection of Spell Books! Thanks so much for sharing your pics! Happy Practical Magic Party & Full Corn Moon!

xoxo Valerie
First of all, Congratulations to Faerwillow!

The new giveaway has a really beautiful cover! Good luck to all of You to win that one!

That book from the film is fascinating! I haven´t seen the film but now I feel I have to :-)

All the spell books You show is beautiful and I like the way You put things that makes You feel positive in Yours. And that bat card is so fun!

Like You I think that one shouldn´t hide a book like that. By hiding it You hide who You are and that is something one never should do. Always be proud of who You are is my motto in life!

Have a great day now!
AmyB said…
Awesome post today! Thanks for sharing all the photos with us!
-Amy B
Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Fantastic party post! You've inspired me to take up keeping my 'inspiration' journals once again. Thank you!
This is a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your books. Very inspirational!

Please enter me in your drawing. That would be a lovely book to have.
TMCPhoto said…
What beautiful books. The Movie spell book and your own creations are perfect examples of works of art that
i could open up over and over and endlessly flip through. Thank you for sharing.

Are the pages from the secret section done in the intaglio printmaking style? They have the look of it.
Please enter me in the drawing! Amazing pictures! I love all your different BoS! I am currently saving for mine now!!!!!!!
Linda said…
wonderful collection, please enter me into your draw, and please drop by if you have time.Linda :)
JoyceAnn said…
Wonderful post , enjoyed seeing the " Practical Magic " spellbook and your private spellbook. Would love a chance at winning the book of shadows so I could start my own spell book.

~ Peaceful Autumn Blessings ~
Great PM posting and love the books, thank you for sharing these with us. Kat
Jen said…
Enchanting!!! You have inspired me to begin my own Spellbook. I have a few I never started but will be doing so now. I always thought there was a *right way* to do that but after reading about your books, I realize there is no *right way*, just what touches my heart and soul and to pour that magic into it!~
Birgit said…
Hi Jaz,

You have outdone yourself with this magical post! :) It was so neat that we were allowed to take a peek into your spellbook. You are really an inspiration!

Thanks also for the chance to win such a beautiful Book of Shadows. It's a real treasure!

-- Birgit
Becky said…
Another lovely give-a-way - count me in! And thank you for sharing a bit more about yourself.
What a fantastic giveaway..I'm a follower and would love to be entered.The book looks wonderful!
Lisa said…
Oh my gosh, I love this post. How fun to own those wonderful things from the movie. Your spellbooks are wonderful. I've started one and it is very helpful and inspiring to see yours. Yes, please include me in the giveaway! Have a great day!
Sea Gypsy said…
Oh, all I can do is sit here in awe of all your gorgeous spellbooks...they are amazing!!! The Practical Magic spellbook is amazing! I would love to win this giveaway...that Book of Shadows is so beautiful and I have always wanted to start one of my own and how lovely it would be to have my first one be such a gorgeous one from Salem *fingers crossed*. I am a follower, too :)
Heather said…
Amazing collection! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

I would love to be entered. :)
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful collection of spell books! A truly inspiring party post, thanks so much for sharing with us all :D
Ms. Howdy said…
Thank you so much for sharing. I love your blog! I don't know what first drew my attention, but it quickly became one of my favorite ones to read. I look forward to it every day. I used to save clippings of my favorite things in notebooks, before I ever heard of a Book of Shadows. Now I am inspired to create more with even more things I love. And I have to say, some of your blog postings would go in. Thanks for being an inspiration!
Leanna said…
I love that BOS you are offering in the giveaway. count me in. I have A BOS similar to the the iron works one you showed. very, very nice books my dear.
Oh my goodness!
I have always wondered about the movie's spell book and I am so grateful it is in a good home and not locked in a studio prop house! You are wonderful!! I adore your spell books and your philosophy on being pagan. Good for you. Absolutely please enter me in the contest, I would adore a spell book from you! Also please check out my Practical Magic blog post, I hope you will enjoy it.
Thank you again,
You have an awesome collection!! Thank you for sharing your spell book with us all!! I need to get mine out and work on it, its been way too long. I really enjoy your site & hope to visit often!! thanks for doing the giveaway, what a great prize! Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!
Erin Maria said…
Great post, thanks for sharing your Spellbook!! Your collection is amazing and beautiful!
Joane said…
Would love to win this! Beautiful! Please enter my name in your drawing.
BLiSsAngELs said…
what a wonderful post thank you for sharing all your spell books... and yes please include me in your giveaway good spells Wendy from Blissangels
windchild said…
Jaz, wonderful job on your post! Thank you for a look at your spellbooks; they are all lovely!
What an awesome post! And fabulous pictures.

Please enter me for drawing...I'd love to win the Book of Shadows.
Leanne said…
Was fun to peek into your books. Thanks for sharing!

WOW you sure have an awesome witch collection - tad emerald green that you have the Practical magic spell book. So awesome! Thrilled it has gone to someone with such an awesome collection!

Love Leanne Nz
I love ur spell books! Please put me in forthe Drawing this week!
Lovely collection of books you've made! Such talent!

Thanks for sharing the little bit of witch in you!

Laura said…
Look at all those gorgeous books! Fabulous!

ps..please enter me for the drawing :)
BleuMoon said…
Jaz, again a beautiful post, and I love the music accompanying it today - There is a little witch in everyone, even if some never embrace it! Thank you again - I will be taking your tips and putting them into my book - Have a great day! (also enter me - always wanted a more authentic looking spellbook)

~ bleumoon
{Daydreamer} said…
Those are all beautiful books!!! Thanks for allowing us to peek inside the one from the move.
Fantastic post and your collection is amazing. I love the broom tucked into a corner there.
Blessed Be!
Jeannette said…
Beautiful post and thank you for sharing your Book Of Shadows with all of us.You are very inspiring and a treat to visit.

Blessings to you
That is so super awesome that you own the actual spell book from the movie, and the umbrella too! Thank you for sharing your book of shadows, it was truly wonderful. I am definitely becoming a follower!
Unknown said…
I'm enjoying a piece of the Mabon cake I made from your recipe as I view your PM post. Simply amazing, I must work on my BOS tonight and pull out my copy of PM and make some margarita's and it will be a great evening. Thanks again for a wonderful post and a wonderful blog and yes, add me to the give away contest.

Brightess Blessings ~ Kat
Well I feel foolish... I left a comment (under Tricia) but no way to reach me! Definitely better on brooms than on computers. My blog is Correspondence with the Muses which is listed on the party blog role. My direct address is
Thank you,
brokenteepee said…
What a.....magical post!
I enjoyed yet another trip through the Octoberfarm museum.
Thank you so much, for stopping by my blog, on 'Practical Magic Party' day. And thank you for this amazing post!

And for your 'blog look', which takes the breath away. I love to notice how different bloggers, "do" their blogs. :-)

Your first Dear Reader & Commenter here, took my "WOW" away. But that is certainly the best word to describe this post. All the photos of all your work, etc. "Wow"! :-)

Gentle hugs,
From this 'Aunt,' who is being 'Sweet Aunt Bridget', for the day.
Celia said… usual this was a fantastic post!!!! I love your PM party and I would love to win the spellbook.....I don't have a spellbook yet......I did start a small one with my daughter for my PM party.....but I would like to have a bigger one. I love all of your books and you are so lucky to own the actual Spellbook and umbrella! Please come by and visit me at my Practical Magic party!
Eliza said…
Fantastic post, those spellbooks are wonderful :-)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful books of shadows, each one very special...have fun filling them ;0)
love & light
Trace oxo
Lenora said…
Wonderful - thanx - you've spent a lot of time on this and we enjoyed! Magical Post! If you care come and join us for ours! More Practical Magic at Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand
brandi said…
~truely remarkable post...and a unique twist to the party...

"to hide a spellbook is to hide your true self."

your words couldn't speak any louder and of TRUTH...

each book so beautiful in their own way...and to behold the "real" onefrom the movie...hhhmmm a wee bit envy over here!thank you fro yoru time put forth in this and always inspired am i when i leave...thankyou for the giveaway...i will be ever so anxiously awaiting...much l♥ve nad light upon you and yours~
Jennifer Rose said…
that is so cool that you have that book :) its such a neat piece of a great movie
Susan said…
WOWZA!!! great post. I am curious how you came to be in possession of the original book of shadows and the umbrella...SOOO COOL!!
My son considers himself Wiccan, and says all the time, you are not supposed to show anyone your book of Shadows.
I asked him why, and he says something like the spells inside were written by the owner because they worked for them, they may not work for others. He is fairly new to Wicca, but has a good friend who is from a long family of Wiccans and he says that is what they told him. he also said "you should never buy a book of shadows that has anything in it, except for blank pages".

At this point in my life, I am open to new ideas, and I am a bit lost in my old Christian faith. I have seen things I saw are of god, and have prayers answered but then, there are so many contradictions in my life, and LONG time prayers, that he couldn't possibly find bad, that he has not answered. There has also been waay too much negative things in my life and my family's lives. For example, a friend once said to me "Sue, if there is ever an Alien Abduction in Ocean County, NJ it will be you." She is sadly, right LOL! I find I have been reading more and more of the other religions of the world, but the main message always seems to be the same...LOVE one another!

I have a bit of the 6th sense and have dreams come true, and have numbers come to me, and I have even had some day time awake dreams or visions, that have usually meant something, could easily be interpreted. So When Aunt Jet says there is a little witch in all of us, I have to say I believe it! I had something very strange and eerie happen to me back in 1997 concerning my husband who was away for his brother's funeral in CA (we live in NJ) it is too long a story, perhaps I'll share it another time. but know this, it can not be explained away, and I had witnesses to it.

so sorry to have rambled on. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your way of thinking and your blog. I am now a follower and I would proudly use that book of shadows.
My husband and I have been saying for years that we want to visit Salem, MA in October, I was hoping maybe this year...there is still time, we'll see.

Peace n love,
wow - how did you get these special pieces - an auction? Would love to jump from my balcony with Sally's umbrella!!!! Your spellbooks are beautiful and intriguing. Thanks for sharing! and visiting my party!
cheers with smoldering potions.
Suzie said…
First, huge congratulations to Faerwillow! I know that you are going to love your surprises! Jaz always makes everything extra special!

Now. .those Spellbooks are all so beautiful, each in their own way! I would have to depend totally on the books to tell me which one to use next. I could never decide. It was SO generous of you to show us how you create your books. The are overflowing with love.

And I love Sally's bumbershoot! I'm a sucker for the old fashioned kind with the curved handle, but obviously, this one is extra special! It will never have to worry about a gust of wind turning it inside out!!

Thank you for creating a wonderful post!
Faerie Sage said…
Wow you have beautiful stuff! I of course would love to win!

My link has not been added yet but you can visit me at
AlphaBetsy said…
Your spell books are beautiful and so personal!! The one from the movie is gorgeous but I actually prefer seeing the ones you really use. A great homage to the movie though.
Tournesol said…
I enjoyed your post today and the music! I would love to be entered in the drawing for the book, thank you.
Anonymous said…
fabulous post!! I only just found you and I was so excited that you had the original spell book!! My favorite movie as well. Nice to meet you!!!

Anonymous said…
fabulous post!! I only just found you and I was so excited that you had the original spell book!! My favorite movie as well. Nice to meet you!!!

Ash said…
I want to enter for the Book of Shadows give away! That little book is so cute, I want it!

Also, I noticed that in the Practical Magic spellbook, some of the recipes came from Scott Cunningham's "Oils, Incenses, and Brews." It sure shows dedication to detail, that they looked up actual spells and potions as used by Pagan practitioners.
Caz said…
OH oh oh!!!!! Do Want! What a gorgeous collection of magical books you have Jazz :)
The Traveler said…
That is uber cool! Thanks for sharing with us, and it's really great that the book didn't end up in some sort of celebrity collector's locked vault.
Shai Williams said…
You have inspired me to make up a physical spell book. Right now mine is all on a memory stick.

Be sure to stop by my blog for my giveaway.

Brightest Blessings!
Corrine said…
So that's why I was having a hard time putting my BoS together. I needed to include a section at the back! Thanks for showing us your cool book collection. I adore that practical magic book, it's wonderful to have found such a good home.
Corrine said…
So that's why I was having a hard time putting my BoS together. I needed to include a section at the back! Thanks for showing us your cool book collection. I adore that practical magic book, it's wonderful to have found such a good home.
I LOVED your post. This is soooo awesome this post is kick ass Omigosh I love your spellbooks How do you keep track?? That's a whole lot of spells to keep ontop of. But man I love it thanks so much for sharing
A lovely collection of spellbooks! And thanks for sharing your personal spellbook, too.
rox said…
Oh Jaz I so would love to enter & win of course !
however this post is just awesome for all that You share !
wow !
just love Your touch so much ☺
I also saw one of my fav waterhouse pics !
we are all dreadfully sick over here , I was up all night with adventure boy .so deceided to just stay up and came here .
You are super duper jaz ☺ sorry if that sounds corny but hey I'm kind out of it anyway ☺
thanks so much
lov rox
ps. I am for ceratin not forgetting the can of milk next grocery shop so I can make that cake !
Melissa said…
What a great way to wake up in the a.m. I logged and and there was your Practical Magic post. I did not join in the party but at least I got to enjoy your celebration. You have given me more inspiration. I have two friends that have not seen the movie. We plan on watching it the first weekend in Oct. I will decorate and make it a truly special occassion. Thanks for the inspiration.
Suzanne said…
My husband and I visit you everyday. You are our favorite blogger! Please give Teddy a squeeze and keep doing what you do!

Marfi-topia said…
Thank you for showing us your incredible books!
I love how they absorb our energies and reflect our living dreams.
It was wonderful to stop by and visit your blog.
Thank you for participating!
Scrap Vamp said…
Thank you so very much for having me over to your blog party! I had so much fun and really enjoyed all the information and photos of these beautiful books! I hope you'll visit my party, too! (Oh, and I became a follower!)
Thank you for Sharing this Wonderful Book from the Movie! How Cool to have the Original from the Movie!
This Blog Party has been so much fun!
It is Wonderful to see what Inspired Everyone from the Movie!
Have a Wonderful Week!
Autumn said…
Thank you for sharing you spell books. They are so beautiful! I wish I could findanything that beautiful where I live. My husband bought me one from The Witches Moon as a Mother's Day/Birthday/Anniversary present lol.
Tasty Trix said…
This is such a cool post! I would love to win that Book of Shadows for one of my best friends, who is a practicing Wiccan. He would be over the moon!
Ivy said…
Dear Jaz, thank you so much for visiting my blog for the blog party! I love your PM blog post. Your collection of Books of Shadow are so beautiful!

Bright Blessings!
JoAnne said…
What an awesome PM post! I'm so happy to have found you and would love to be included in your giveaway. I'm happily a new follower. Hope you'll visit and enter my Halloween giveaway.
What a fabulous, fabulous post, Jaz! I loved every photo. Your spell books are gorgeous. And very inspiring! Thank you for sharing them with us!
Anonymous said…
I wish that I had the talent to make my grimoire look as good as yours. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your BoS!

Linda said…
It is truly amazing spell book and post. You can tell you put your whole body and mind into this post. Truly wondrous. Very creative. I would love to win this and I will most certainly follow. Please visit me:
Nydia said…
Jaz, this is one of your best posts! Because of the drooling it brought to my mouth looking at all those fabulous spellbooks, because of the sweet memories you showed, the wise words, the passion you have inside and out, the proud of being a witch in the 21st century. Loved it!

Kisses and love from us.
Rue said…
Awesome books! It's so great that the PM spellbook is so full of illustrations - what a treasure. I'd keep it out all year too.

Love your own spellbook too, with all the invitations and recipies - I totally believe in the magic of food cooked with love!
Unknown said…
Is being jealous a bad thing, because if it is...then call me a bad witch because I am in love with all your spellbooks and your home and your collections. I think your my hero.......Following from the PM blog
Jenna Gayle said…
Thanks for sharing the inside of your books!! I've been wanting to start one, but, like you said, didn't know where to start. I don't need to "know" where, just do it! :)
Melz said…
Thanks for visiting my blog! My BOS right now is a black notebook I got back in high school from the Canada trip we took. It has a little of everything in there. I absolutely LOVE all your books (and my mum thought I had a huge collection!)
I can't believe you have the book and umbrella! Amazing!!
I hope it's not to late to enter your give-away. I am following you now!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
What gorgeous treasures you have there. That prop spellbook is amazing! Truly a wonderful piece to own.
I guess I have been making my own spellbooks for years now, only I never knew they were spellbooks. I save all kinds of things for imspiration for my art and life, then I compile it all in a book for reference and nostalgia.
Maybe I should invest in some better crafted books for my future spellbooks.
Thanks for sharing.
Liz said…
Love love love! 'Tis really inspired me to get back into writing things down and such, as I've gotten really really lazy of the last couple of years. Thank you for being a muse so to speak :D
Anonymous said…
You have the coolest things. I just love your blog. I don't have a spell book per se, but I scrapbook and I want to think that I leave a little of myself on the pages I create. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful things ;o)
Aimee Jeffries said…
Wow, what a beautiful inspiring post. I love this blog, I just want to jump into those leaves in the background! I really enjoyed the all of the books and pics. That was also a pretty amazing craft fair you went to, I may have to plan to attend next year.
Pellie / Penny said…
Just adding my two cents- Lucky you to have gotten the Book used in the movie as well as Sally's umbrella.You must be a devoted fan.

thank you for sharing all you tips and trick on what to include in a BOS
and for sharing your talents and magic.

Brightest Blessings,
annabelle said…
I just knew all the Witches would come here for a visit...the books would call out to them.
A while back when I was writing quite a bit my daughter suggested to create a private blog and call it my grimoire, keeper of all my poems ,stories , art, passions of my heart and when I would find the perfect book, to write them in by hand....never happened. Now after seeing all of your beautiful collection I want to start thinking about starting one of my very own,although I still would luv to be entered in your Book of Shadows giveaway. Thank you for the inspiration Jazz, I had a lovely time visiting here.
Hope to see you over at my blog .I have a free digital graphic I did to commemorate this special occasion. You could use it in one of your books if you like,sort of a souvenir (all sizes too.....hope you like it.
I looove your spellbooks. I love the photos in your blog, and recipes! So excited to have found you. I woke up this morning and "somehow" found the Practical Magic Party.. I don't know how I got here, but am happy to meet fellow witches and lovers of Autumn and the movie as well! I will have to create a blogger account to come and play with everyone! Thanks!
CathyH said…
I'm inspired too! Beautiful books. I have one altered book that led to me doing my art on canvas. Canvas is not the same journey though and my altered book has personal meanings. Your writing about magic made me decide to light a real magic candle I have.
Unknown said…
Wow, you did a great job on all of the spell books. Oh how I wish I could win the giveaway you are having. I will try and make my on and thanks so much for the wonderful tuturol. You blog is one of my favorites and I have it listed on my blog of favorite Halloween Blogs.
Anonymous said…
I have recently come across your blog and am quite delighted! The Samhain season is my favorite time of the year. Visiting your site has added to it's enjoyment and given me some ideas. Thanks.
Blessing to you,
Debbie said…
I have recently come across your site and am delighted. The content is wonderful and I'm sure my visits will become a daily habit. Thank you for the inspiration.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, I came across your blog yesterday while I was googling "Practical Magic Spellbook"....this is a great blog! I am thrilled to have found it and am reading it beginning to end. I would love to be entered in your giveaway - Practical Magic is my favorite movie! I recently bought a big old brick house which I am slowly redoing, and I keep telling everyone how I wish I could replicate every room from the Practical Magic house! So glad I found you! Can't wait to read through every entry!
Char said…
I have just recently found your blog and absolutely love it! Please enter me in your BOS giveaway. It is beautiful!!
Kim said…
Wow, I'm so glad I've found so many fellow Practical Magic lovers. My friends never know what I'm talking about but anything involving Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and witches? C'mon that's a recipe for a perfect movie.
Anonymous said…
I'm so late to the party! This is such an awesome post. I've wanted a longer peek at that book for years, and I'm so glad it is safe with someone who will treasure it.
I am new to seriously studying Wicca and witchcraft, and I've started writing down everything so I can sort and compile the information. Now I can't wait until I have everything in order so I can make a beautiful BoS too! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.
Pauline said…
Such ane awesome blog party to celebrate Practical Magic! Best broomride ever! Your blog ins absolutely spellbinding. I love everything about it, and as I love everything autumnal, I will so enjoy viewing your recipes.... those pies look sooooo good! Thank you for such a wonderful contribution to the party!
hugs and blessings from Australia,
Anonymous said…
Hey thanks for such an amazing blog post! The books are truly beautiful :)
I was wondering if anyone knew how to get in contact with Jaz? Via Facebook or something?
I'd really appreciate some contact info, thank you :)

Blessed Be


My Blog -
Onyxx Sky said…
The Practical Magic spellbook, in my opinion, is the most beautifully illustrated one I have ever seen. It, in and of itself is a true work of art. Many of us are searching for more of the actual pages from the book to use within our own. It would be great if you could share more of the individual pages so that we could at least create our own replicas. "Charmed" BOS pages can be found but no where on the internet are there replica pages of the Practical Magic spellbook. Even after all of these years, it is still a very sought-after resource.
Your blogs are quite fun to read; keep up the good work.
RPLancaster said…
I was enchanted with the Spell Book in the movie. So it was wonderful to come across your blog and discover that you have it! And I got to look at it!
Thanks for sharing,
Charlie said…
I love youre blogg =)

Is there anyway you can scan the pages from practical magic book?

I realy love the art in the book and i am making a book of shadows and liked to have the art from the movie book.

Thanx and Love//


Blessed Be!
Birgit said…
I just re-read your wonderful post from last year. I recently re-watched Practical Magic, so I just had to go back and read about the spellbook again.

I love the Book of Shadows which I got from you last year. It has a place of honor in my living room, and I have filled a few pages the way you suggested in your post. Your lovely card is one of the first things in the book -- such a nice memory. :)

I am already looking forward to seeing what you will post this year. Maybe more photos of the spellbook?

I am thinking of asking people to tell me their opinion or secret regarding Practical Magic which I could post anonymously. Do you know Post Secret or the Walt Disney Confessions? Something like that -- only just focusing on Practical Magic. Then again people might be afraid to share their thoughts (even though everything would be anonymously) or feel like I try to pry.

If I had to make a confession, it would probably be that I am always teary-eyed at the end simply because I am happy.

Greetings from Germany,

PS: Once again THANKS! :)
Unknown said…
That's incredible!
Anonymous said…
I love the practical magic book, do they sell replicas of it on ebay or amazon?
Syrephine said…
Would you ever be willing to sell the PM book or maybe even make copies of the pages to sell. I would so love to have that book for my collection.
peg said…
Just happened to find your post while doing a google search for spell books. I, too, am working on one...and I was 'stuck' (have been for years, it seems). However, having seen yours...I now realize I was trying to hard. You wisely mentioned that a spell book should include things near and dear to one's heart. duh. So, now I will return to my studio, freshly inspired. Thanks for sharing your treasures!
Unknown said…
Oh! How in the world did you get your hands on the original Practical Magic bos and Sally's umbrella? So jealous!
Unknown said…
I love collecting witch things also and have since I was a little girl. Now they need to come up with the Disney Hocus Pocus book of shadows...that one would be a tough cover to make but how fun! I ran across your blog by googling book of shadows and found some beautiful items that people are making, even starting businesses with. Inspiration!
Can I say I love the images! I can’t believe you have something so fun and beautiful in your personal possessions! Thank you for sharing it with us. Do you know by change who illustrated the Practical Magic BOS?