Daylight Savings Time and Giveaway

There is a new button on the side of my post for a spring giveaway party. Click on the Green Man to visit and enter. The clocks moved forward so I was able to see the snow a bit later this morning.

Snow on the roof of the bird feeder.

Snow on the birds.

My witch looks like she is ready to sweep the snow away.

I can't believe these glass garden totems are not breaking in this weather.

The opposite of a hot seat.

Even the spider on the side of my wood burning oven is iced.

Hey Teddy, check out the snow on our hose.

What? You are not impressed?

What do you mean you aren't talking to me until I make the snow go away?

Okay....walk away and sulk. You've been blaming me for the snow this whole winter. I keep telling you, mama has no control over the snow.

And lucky me, look what I found on my bedroom ceiling.

And then I found this on the Blog Tech's old bedroom ceiling.

And then I swore a lot.

As long as I was in the Blog Tech's old bedroom I thought I would show you around.

That is a self portrait he did of himself on top of the armoire. I was in a Southwestern mode when I designed his bedroom. The black plastic bucket collecting the roof leak is an especially stylish touch.

His bed is built on a platform and has a dozen drawers under it.

When the Blog Tech lived here this room was never this neat!


Anonymous said…
you have one beautiful home,,, just like a magazine,,, could you post more photos,, I would love to see the rest of your house,,, is that too presumptious,,, its just you have a style I love,, mother nature witchy woo with a bit of Country Living magazine/ Martha Stewart,,,(I hated to say that) but Martha is a perfectionist and your cooking skills are fantastic,,you just have way more earthy style than Martha,,lol..
SharleneT said…
You still have snow! I'm looking at gorgeous forsythia, cherry trees and that purple-flowered one I can never remember. Teddy definitely does not look happy and who else can she blame? Can I have the blog tech's old room? Pretty please? Enjoy your cool days, spring is just around the corner.
Anonymous said…
I love your yard witch. She is too cute. What a cool room. If my bedroom looked like that I'd have not moved out! Poor Teddy. It'll stop snowing soon (much to your dismay.)
LOVED the tour...LOVE The Blog Tech's room too....the black bucket is too funny...when it rains REALLY, REALLY HARD here we have a leak in the kitchen...and we love it !!!! we get all excited...get out the bucket!!!! it's not much of a leak...but we get all hyped up anyway...

Teddy does look kinda bummed about the snow. She will be LOVING SPRING !!!!

L'il Teddy is LOVING his new park we made for him....we LOVE it too
rox said…
Oh Teddy is opnly we mamas could make snow go away ! I agree we do not need snow any longer . we had a blizzard friday & saturday !
Well Jaz I hope your fellow does not mind us seeing his room .If he is 15yo like my Wise Owl he will have a fit if he finds out lol
I think it is such a great room ☺
sorry you are now going to have to be dealing with leaks home ownership eh . when we are young we have so many plans then as we age we realize renos literally last a life time ;-)
blessings my friend
I really love you little witch and spider.. those are something I could see hanging out in my own garden/yard. So Happy Spring is finally here! :)
Chris said…
Your garden chair with the snow on the seat, gives new meaning to freezing your ass off! Ha!
Poor Teddy...I know just how she feels...C'mon Spring!!
brokenteepee said…
I am so sorry for the roof leaks.
So damn expensive to replace.
I hope yours is an easy fix. When we had to re-roof the Victorian....Oh, I don't even want to go there.
Robin Larkspur said…
Your garden totems will not break since they were "witch-made". You took great photos of snow-covered everything in your garden! Yikes those leaks...hope it is not too serious.
I can't believe it's still snowing in your neck of the woods!
And the Blog Tech's bedroom is gorgeous!
Love the bedroom! And waiting for spring here, too - just as impatient as Darling Teddy!
Anonymous said…
I really like the blog techs old room! My taste exactly and I would love to have it that way here! But none of the rooms in my cottage is that big :-) :-) :-)

Thankfully no new snow here today and I hope that the snow clouds that will arrive will go much further north!

Have a great day now!
~ Jayne ~ said…
Charming pictorial although your dog does indeed look disenchanted with the snow.My Corgi loves it,as do I,but my cats loathe it.
Poor Teddy. He should be here with me until your snow goes away. It is perfectly beautiful today. Well not my yard, since it has a half ton of limbs that need picking up. Yuck. Blog Tech is so sweet he will not mind you showing his beautiful "old" room. I thought all houses had a bucket in at least one room when it rained.
-sigh- Sorry about the leaks. With the winter we've had, it can be understood.

Well, no... Not understood.

And I sit here, in my den, hearing the sump pump running, over and over and over, down in the cellar. Hooray for that beeeeeeeeeutiful sound! ,-)

Since we built on rock, we knew we needed to deal with water. Down there, anyway.
Nancy said…
What a beautiful bedroom. Are the bookcases custom and do the nightstands pull out from them?
Jennifer Rose said…
sorry about the leaks :/ always a paint to deal with

you could fit 2 of our bedrooms in that one room lol
I love your bird cage in the opening shot. The Blog Tech's room is also very lovely with all the warm wood. Hopefully the leak is easily fixed.
Suzie said…
Your garden always look so Gothic when you have a light covering of snow. .I LOVE it!!

I'm sorry about the ceiling leaks. Sadly, I can relate all too well. I hope that you find someone reliable to fix the roof. I know that you will have the interior work well in hand. .you have such a fine eye!

The Blog Tech's self portrait is awesome! Gee. .I wonder who he gets his artistic eye from? I think that it is nice that the two of you share that trait.

His room is warm, cozy, and at the same time, very practical, with all of the built-in's, that don't look built in. Who wouldn't love all of those bookshelves?!

And poor Teddy. .it is hard for her to understand why Mama can't make the snow go away. .she takes care of all of Teddy's other needs SO well. .Mama can do anything!
Rosemary said…
Yes I am with Teddy so sick of snow. Love Blog Tech room . Leaks are such a pain.....
Loli said…
Teddy is amazing! And the house is so nice with snow. We also have a Chow, Bon Bon, and I write a blog about him.