I Am Officially On Halloween Countdown

I am hot and I have a migraine and I am officially counting down to Fall. I need something to get me through this endless summer.

Teddy is recovering nicely from her skin problems. She has allergies and now takes Benadryl.

So, no more biting her paws. She feels so much better.

This is one of my lame little herb gardens. However, I am not seeing many stink bugs so maybe it is working!

The raised beds are coming down too. The remnants look like very large graves. Maybe they will be part of my Halloween decorations!

I am not sure how I will repair the lawn. I am guessing that eventually the mazus will fill in the dirt areas.

Almost time to decorate the potting table for Fall.

Teddy will be happy for the cool weather to return as well.

This is the look I get when she wants to go swimming in the pond. She is asking me to open the gate for her.

I can't wait for the Japanese maples to change color.

The pods have formed on my tree peonies and when they begin to open, I will know that Fall is here.

We have had such unseasonably hot weather that it seems like summer has been here for months.

Sorry to rush some of you but I can't wait for shorter days and cooler weather! My head feels a little better now!


I think we are all daydreaming of cooler weather! Summer came early here in south Florida, and came with a vengeance. Our summer rains have finally kicked in, and good thing, for our grasses are brittle.

Hope Teddy's allergies continue to improve.

Your enchanting garden is a full time job. I always love to visit.

Wishing you a happy Sunday.

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs.
Sharon Day said…
I love Teddy's silent language of postures and expressions. Her mommy knows how to read her well. I understand about autumn. My hair is down to my waist and it's about 113 outside today. It's like wearing a fur coat, but I refuse to cut my hair off because the desert wants to be hot. I will wait until fall, which here is about late November.
your garden looks so wonderful...i love the graveyard idea...you could rig up some tombstones :-)

when we lived in cambria i had a grove of oaks out front and i used to turn it into a graveyard...i had so MANY tombstones...and i would string cob webs in the trees and hang ghosts and huge spiders...the kids loved it...heck..who am i kidding..i LOVED IT !!!!

longing for Fall here too...
the Gopher Glen Apple Farm opens in a month...now that's a GOOD SIGN !!!!!

kary and l'il teddy
brokenteepee said…
Aaaah, and the heat of summer is MY time of year so don't wish it away quite yet. It hasn't hit here at all. We had frost the other morning. Maybe you need to move to Montana!
Anonymous said…
well our lakes just opened their swimming this week so you are rushing us a bit.Sorry about the migraine, I know too much about those.teddy is very fortunate to have his own swimming pond.Take care,, hope the pain stays away,
Guillaume said…
I am sort of counting down to Halloween myself.
Anonymous said…
I´m trying to stop autumn as good as I can over here :-) I want summer to continue for yet a couple of months :-) But we haven´t had it that hot here these last weeks.

I´m glad that Teddy is getting better, Nova doesn´t chew on her paws any longer either.

Have a great day despite migraine and hot weather!
I enjoy seeing all your Halloween photos and countdown widget on the sidebar. But I notice that the Hungry Blog Tech has been demoted down the line and Teddy Reigns Supreme!
I wish we would get some hot weather. We've had about 2 weeks worth. Today is cold and rainy. Maybe I'll need to move north for warmer weather.
Anonymous said…
This is so strange. In The Netherlands we are waiting for warmer weather. It has been dry in May, but June has been a wet and cold month, so we would love some Summer before Autumn begins ; )
I can imagine though, when you've had such hot weather, that you long for cooler times ; )
Have a great day.
~ Jayne ~ said…
Feverfew has recently been proven to be an effective banisher of migraines.What is poor Teddy allergic too?Many dogs develop sensitivity to the corn in dry dog food(although I am sure he eats better than many humans).To give my dog itchy skin relief,the groomer uses an oatmeal based shampoo.May you both feel better sooner than the event of the Autumnal weather(can't wait too)!
~ Jayne ~ said…
The oatmeal shampoo is made by "Harry Barker" : hypo-allergenic soap & detergent free concentrate,for all pets : website @ www.harrybarker.com.Hope this helps.
Barb said…
I feel your pain! That's why when we retired we moved to the Pacific NW. I'd rather have rain than heat!! I used to get cabin fever in the summer not the winter! Even though we have a beautiful summer, I'm always ready for fall and Halloween. I have looked through my cross stitch patterns and found an awesome Quaker type Halloween pattern! Think I'll have to do that. Take care, try to keep cool, and hope you feel better soon.
petoskystone said…
the best part about midsummer is that it means i'm halfway to breathable weather! migraine coming on..time to hear upstairs to the a/c & cross-stitching....glad teddy is feeling better.
Jennifer Rose said…
using the piles of dirt for graves at halloween is a great idea :D

its humid here, not really hot but i wish the rain would bugger off :/ sorry to read about your migraine, never fun to have :/
Anonymous said…
Our temperatures have been ridiculously hot as well and the bugs! UGH!

I am so glad Teddy is feeling better as well. My love to her tender paws.
Suzie said…
I'm SO glad that Teddy is feeling better. Glad one of us is, because I'm right there with you, being miserable in this hot weather, and SO wishing for Fall.

I love the Autumn touches on your blog. .and between you and Will having his street decorated for Halloween, it is putting me in the mood (as if I need a big shove in that direction!!)

Maybe if we all collectively think "Fall".
Mama L said…
Oh I love your potting table and yor yard, so lovely !! I know who you feel the humidity is just too much for me. Maybe if we had a pool I would not be such a crabby ass, come on fall ! Blessings
William Bezek said…
I'm enjoying summer but I'll count along with you...I LOVE Halloween!
Nulaanne said…
It was sunny and 68F here today. I hated it, I can't wait for the fall, cooler weather, and rain. I love the way fall smells, and feels and baking sourdough bread.
Rue said…
I am with you! Although we haven't had much of a Summer at all, as soon as July 1st hits, I am ready for September. Just over four months...
Its been so warm so warly and our garden is showing it!I am ready for fall!