The Best Chicken Noodle Soup You Will Ever Eat

Once you make this recipe, you will never make chicken noodle soup any other way.

Well this is not very lady like.

I start the soup by slow roasting 2 chickens until the meat falls off the bones. I season them and roast them at 275 for about 5 hours.

The skin is nice and crisp and the meat literally falls right off the bones. Pick all the meat off and save all of the juice from both pans.

Refrigerate the juice from the pans until the fat sets on the top.

Scrape the fat off the top.

Place the rest in a large pot.

Add all of the bones and skin.

Cover it with water.

Add celery, about 6 carrots and several onions sliced in half.

Make up a bouquet garni made of bay leaves, dried thyme, black peppercorns and about 6 cloves.

Add it to the pot.

Bring this all to a boil and then let it simmer for a couple hours.

Remove from the heat.

This makes a lot but it also freezes really well. I gave my friends a lot of this.

Strain all of the stock through a fine sieve. Throw all the bones and solids away.

Refrigerate it overnight until the fat solidifies then scrape it off and throw it out.

I leave a little bit in. Bring the stock back to a boil and then allow it to simmer.

I add a pack of chicken demi glace to my stock. It enriches the flavor. You can always use bouillon rather than the demi glace but watch your salt if you do.

Slice a lot of carrots. I use a mandolin to get them very thin.

Add lots of fresh parsley and dill. Don't skip the dill. It is the most important ingredient in this recipe. Shred the saved chicken and add it to the stock. Taste it for flavor and add salt and pepper.

Boil some egg noodles separately. Undercook them because they will continue to cook when added to the soup and you don't want them to be mushy.

If your carrots are sliced very thin they will cook very quickly but wait to add the noodles until the carrots are done.

Dinner in a bowl. I have never had anyone not fall in love with this soup!


Anonymous said…
It is dangerous to come here, now I'm hungry again :-) :-) :-)

Yes soup season has started over here. Sunny and chilly days are perfect soup weather :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
sounds so goood..... can hardly wait til the weather gets cool!
Anonymous said…
this is some darn good soup,, we make something quite similar but I've never saw the chicken demi glaze,, is that what it was,, I'll have to look for this ,, great soup Joyce, you are such a fine cook, this makes me hungry,,
my mouth is watering....this looks great !!!! is this what teddy ate ????

too funny about the not very lady like...ha ha ha

thanks for the laugh :-)

kary and l'il teddy
Sounds DELICIOUS. My mouth is watering as I copy the recipe. Thanks.
Tournesol said…
Looks wonderful! Soup weather is on the way, definitely going to try out this recipe.
Guillaume said…
That really looks delicious, I love chicken noodle soup.
LuLu Kellogg said…
You always have the most wonderful recipes! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Barbara F. said…
Seriously, would you just adopt me?! Now I want to run to the store and buy a chicken. xo
It doesn't get any better than this. Don't be bothered cutting down the recipe. Make a big batch and have it ready to go in the freezer. Soup weather is here. Don't forget the Rosemary No Knead Bread!
Pam said…
Great recipe and I will be trying it. Love your background@
Anonymous said…
I always make my own chicken stock(and other) as I keep my own chooks.And nothing tastes better that good filled chicken soup.Love your recepie;)
Barb said…
Today we have real soup weather-your recipe looks delicious!
You make the most wonderful recipes! This looks delicious. I always sve the bones and pieces of Wal mart's deli chicken and cook it low and slow for soup.